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Allysa Tellez
Allysa Tellez is a junior at New Mexico State University. She is studying journalism and mass communications with a minor in government. She is originally from El Paso and commutes to Las Cruces to attend school daily. Allysa began writing at a very young age and won several writing competitions in her school district for her short stories. During high school, Allysa was involved with the Eastwood Sabre and the Student Television Network. She also did theatre for several years.

Fascinated with student media, she decided to pursue a college career in journalism. Tellez is also involved with News 22 and has completed internships with KFOX in El Paso and Latinitas, a non-profit organization to promote women in technology and media.

When Tellez is not in school, she enjoys attending concerts or going to the movies with friends. She has two dogs and loves to read and write.

In the future, Tellez hopes to pursue a career as a reporter for a local news station or paper.

Allysa Tellez, Staff Writer

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