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The Round Up staff continues to strive towards a publication that pursues journalistic integrity in remembrance of the founders who “saw the future”, knowing what they publish is a reflection not only of themselves but of the newspaper’s history.

Buried in the past pages of The Round Up could be a picture of your great-grandfather, next to a story about The United States entering a World War.

Somewhere in its text there is a drawing of a 1950’s femme fatale promoting Camel cigarettes under an article about the fraternity you will pledge this fall. There might even be an advertisement for that disco competition where your parents met.

The next time you pick up an issue of The Round Up, remember that you are holding in your hands a small piece of what will soon be the past. The Round Up seeks to preserve the voice of each generation of students who have and will pass through New Mexico State University.

The student newspaper at New Mexico State University has been a staple of campus life since before the college had even graduated a student. Established in January 1891, just three years after the university’s founding, the New Mexico Collegian was the first publication to circulate the institution known at the time as the New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanics.

The New Mexico Collegian remained the campus’ sole student newspaper until the production of the College Weekly in 1906. Under the supervision of Editor-in-Chief Justin R. Weddell and Associate Editor George G. Helde, the two publications were merged and formed what is known today as The Round Up. The name the “Round Up” was chosen for its concise description of the paper’s contents; “a weekly round-up of news” as well as “a rounding up of subscribers and advertisers”, while also paying homage to the university’s agrarian roots.

Since its inception, The Round Up has chronicled events and has captured the spirit of the NMSU campus. Whether news, entertainment, cartoons or crossword puzzles, no matter what curriculum you’re studying, there should be something of interest in the paper.

Throughout the years, The Round Up has asserted itself as an independent, uncensored and reliable asset to New Mexico State University.

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Who We Are