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NMSU announces campus will reopen Monday, COVID-19 response team assembled

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UNM and NMSU reasearchers collaborate to analyze food response to COVID-19

May 28, 2020

New Mexico State University researchers are collaborating with researchers from the University of New Mexico to investigate...

NMSU Ph.D. candidate earns prestigious NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship
NMSU COVID-19 testing event identifies positive cases

May 21, 2020

Positive cases were identified Monday after a large-scale testing event was held at New Mexico State University for certain...

NMSU Music department adjusts to online learning

May 12, 2020

Music and notes from all sorts of instruments and students normally 

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NCAA makes steps toward allowing student-athletes to profit
Huntley becomes latest Aggie drafted into NFL

April 27, 2020

The elite group of Aggie brethren to get drafted into the National Football League added a member over the weekend, with the Detroit Lions selecting do-it-all...

NM State athletics continues to add talent despite recruiting dead period

April 16, 2020

The coronavirus may have put a halt to sporting events worldwide and forced the suspension of active recruiting throughout the entire NCAA, but that didn't...

NCAA grants eligibility extension to spring athletes, 39 NM State seniors affected

April 6, 2020

Last week the NCAA Division I Council officially made the decision to extend eligibility for spring sport athletes as a result of COVID-19 bringing an...

Lost season for NM State baseball was on its way to being special

April 2, 2020

With the sports world coming to a complete halt, there’s not much more to do than reflect on what was lost, and what could have been; a prime example...

NCAA to pursue eligibility extension for spring sport athletes

March 20, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA announced that it will pursue granting athletes in spring sports another year of eligibility after canceling...

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Lifestyle: An Easter Epic

Lauren Roman, Staff Writer | April 13, 2020

The Prince reclined at Table, Served by Guardians of Light, servants who are angels. At the beginning of Time, the majestic Persons in One, Used their voices, the power of the Spirit of God, To form man of their liking And the majestic Royals rejoiced over such a making, But how deep was the fall of His crowned creatures, When they listened to the lie that they were of no importance And...

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Round Up Lifestyle: Album Reviews and Recommendations

Luis Rios, Staff Writer | March 31, 2020

With all the events that have transpired thus far with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s safe to say most of us will be stuck in isolation for some time. Luckily, we have things that can entertain us such as movies, books, television, streaming, video games and of course… music. One can truly appreciate now more than ever the amount of new musical content that...

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Dr. Jill McDonald: “Disease Detective”
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Column: Thanks for everything, NMSU 
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Volunteers/Assistants Needed for Paranormal Research
Aqua Environmental Testing Lab

Aqua Environmental Testing Lab

September 23, 2019



September 9, 2019

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