First Bands of America Regional Marching Band Competition held at NMSU

David Castañeda

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November 29, 2022

David Castañeda

Bands perform at the first ever Regional Bands of America competition in Las Cruces, NM.

On September 17th, high school bands from across Arizona, Texas and New Mexico all gathered around the New Mexico State University campus in preparation for one of the biggest competitions in marching band season. Bands of America. Though this internationally acclaimed competition has been held yearly since 1975.

It is the first time in history being held in New Mexico, as well as the first time being hosted by our very own Pride of New Mexico. Director of bands at Clovis High School. Bill Allred had this to say about the competition being held in his home state.

Bill Allred: “I’m very prideful in New Mexico, and I think we’ve always talked about how people don’t quite look up to New Mexico, and we always like to try and change that language. New Mexico does have something to offer. We do have good bands. We can be competitive. We can be outstanding.”

Not only did this competition bring marching band fans from other states to the seats of New Mexico, it brought a purpose and joy to the many students who marched on the field this day. Director of Bands Las Cruces High School, Ty Fredericks was excited for his students to perform for this very reason.

Ty Fredericks: “Just the energy level marching contests, whether they’re Bands of America or any other contest, are completely different levels of energy than just performing for a football game or at an exhibition. It’s the excitement and the energy to perform and just have that crowd cheer for you, and support you. And to know that the people that are watching you are people that have never seen you before and may never see you again. It’s a really great opportunity and it just brings the kids closer together.”

This year’s BOA competition brought many fans to the seats of the Aggie Memorial Stadium, where they all cheered on the marching and musical performance from different high schools. The pride of New Mexico will once again be hosting a marching competition, the Tournament of Bands, this upcoming Oct. 29, 2022.

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