Aggie Fashion Club makes a remarkable comeback on the runway


Aggie Fashion Club made a successful comeback by hosting the Sustainable Met Gala Fashion show on Thursday, April 7th.

The event was an entertaining and inspiring runway that brought the audience to admire 48 creative designs made from upcycled materials, designed and made by student’s members of Aggie Fashion Club.

The sustainability met gala theme impressed people with the student’s ability to create more eco-friendly garments.

Christopher De La Rosa, Express sales Manager expressed his encouragement to students and on their future.

“I can see a lot of these kids to have a lot potential to go big time, what I saw today I am very impressed. It takes a lot of me to be amused and I am just like fascinated with a lot of the potential that these kids have, so I look forward to seeing what they come out in the future honestly,” De La Rosa said.

Finally, the previous years’ designs were able to be worn on the runway after two canceled runways due to COVID. Aggie Fashion Club expects students and faculty left encouraged to approach the fashion industry more consciously to reduce the carbon footprint.

This story was produced by Dayana Villanueva, Staff Writer.

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