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Illustration done by staff writer Ernesto Cisneros.

Holiday Movie Guide

Luis Rios and Ernesto Cisneros December 14, 2021

A present just for you, The Round Up’s 2021 holiday movie guide     It’s that time of year again! The holidays have arrived and what better way to celebrate than to watch a movie and kick...

Illustration created by Victoria Valle, marketing coordinator of The Round Up.

“The Hill” Part Three

Elijah Nix, Staff Writer December 7, 2021

This dream was by far the longest and presented the strongest form of anti-coldness yet. There had seemed to be something missing in the previous dreams. Now I knew it was more than I could know. Anti-coldness...

Illustration created by Victoria Valle, marketing coordinator of The Round Up.

“The Hill” Part Two

Elijah Nix, Staff Writer November 30, 2021

I had no idea where I was going, and no idea when I would be close to my destination. I was taking a gamble by leaving my hovel. I knew if I left, I would likely be unable to come back. I decided paradise...

As the seasons change and days grow shorter, seasonal affective disorder starts to affect students across campus.

Are you feeling the big SAD this season?

Fisher EasleySmith, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

New Mexico State University students and employees may have begun to notice the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder this month, causing symptoms of depression unrelated to finals week.   Seasonal...

Starbucks has introduced a new holiday drink and brought back favorites.

Holiday Starbucks Drink Guide

Hannah Zamora November 19, 2021

On Nov. 4, Starbucks released their holiday beverage lineup, along with four new holiday cups to begin the holiday festivities. Every holiday season since 2005, Starbucks has designed a unique...

Cooking 101 with Selema: Hamburger Helper and Mac and Cheese

Cooking 101 with Selema: Hamburger Helper and Mac and Cheese

Selema Graham, Multimedia Speacialist November 15, 2021

I don’t even know how to describe this. But like, this is definitely one of the dishes that food was made for. I originally made this dish because my plan was to go to the store after practice to...

Illustration created by Victoria Valle, marketing coordinator of The Round Up.

“The Hill” Part One

Elijah Nix, Staff Writer November 15, 2021

The Hill is a short story written by The Round Up staff member, Elijah Nix. Due to its length, the complete story will be published in three short segments each week. For so long, my world was coldness....

Halloween Horror Movie Essentials

Halloween Horror Movie Essentials

Luis Rios, Raul Flores, and Fisher EasleySmith October 29, 2021

Halloween is upon us! Where some people decide to go out trick or treating and partying; there are those that get in the spooky mood with watching horror movies. That is what this article is for, a...

Paranormal Research Investigations visit The Round Up and KRUX offices.

VIDEO: PRI investigates Student Media to find paranormal activity

Emma Hood, Selema Graham, and Xavier Dominguez October 29, 2021

For over the past 100 years, The Round Up, and 32-years KRUX 91.5 FM, have been home at New Mexico State University. With multiple staffers through the years in both departments of Student Media, there...

Lamb movie poster, courtesy of A24.

Valdimar Jóhannsson’s “Lamb” movie review

Luis Rios, Political Writer October 26, 2021

Valdimar Jóhannsson’s directorial debut of the Icelandic film “Lamb” is beautifully shot with interesting premises and ideas that don’t stick the landing.   “Lamb” is about an unhappy couple, María...

Courtesy image by Junji Ito, VIZ Media

Review: The horror of Junji Ito’s Uzumaki

Luis Rios, Political Writer October 13, 2021

It started with an obsession. We, the reader, follow Kirie Goshima, the protagonist, encountering a man crouched down in an alleyway and staring at a wall. She believes this distracted fellow is...

Cooking 101 with Selema: Baked chicken and sides

Cooking 101 with Selema: Baked chicken and sides

Selema Graham, Multimedia Specialist October 6, 2021

Okay, so this one is going to be two dishes. It's baked Bar-b-que chicken with cheese and baked chicken with an avocado and mango topping—it’ll make sense in a minute.   Things you will need for BBQ...

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