Must watch Christmas movies to enjoy for the holidays


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Must watch holiday movies to get you in the Christmas spirit. (Created image courtesy from The RoundUp.)

Although classic holiday movies like Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are go-to movies for the holidays, why not switch things up a bit a watch some up-and-coming holiday movies that will still get you in the Christmas spirit. 

Below I have listed a few fresh holiday movies to bring to your dorms or living rooms this Christmas! 

Spirited, 2022 

A musical version of the classic story, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Spirited, follows Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell through a musical and comedic twist on “A Christmas Carol.” Reynolds, played Clint Briggs, a selfish and unredeemable character that puts himself first. Will Ferrell plays the Christmas Spirit of the Present. Throughout the film, you follow Briggs and the spirit of the Present that hopes to redeem Briggs. If you aren’t a fan of musicals like me, this movie still deserves a chance. With comedic actors like Reynolds and Ferrell, you will find yourself enjoying this movie through its humor and plot twists. 

Klaus, 2019 

A lighthearted and gentle Christmas movie, Klaus, introduces two characters who build an unlikely friendship through simple acts of kindness. Jesper, a spoiled descendant of a powerful Postmaster General, fails at The Royal Post Academy, so his father sends him to Smeerenburg. Unable to return home until his work is done, Jesper travels to Smeerenburg where he meets Klaus, a selfless toymaker. 

Klaus has always found joy in giving children toys; in order to spark kindness in Jesper he partners with him to deliver toys to children in a gloomy town. Throughout the film, the characters slowly bring out the best in each other as they selflessly serve Smeerenburg 

Violent Night, 2022 

If you want something a little less lighthearted and full of action, Violent Night will show you a different side to Santa this holiday. Santa played by Stranger Things Star, David Harbour, is a hard-edged, butt-kicking Santa that takes the Saint out of Saint Nick. This R-rated movie is not for the faint of heart with plentiful gore and gunfire throughout the film. When a team of professional soldiers break into a wealthy family’s home Christmas Eve, Santa steps in to save Christmas.   

Although not Hallmark material, Violent Night, is perfect for those looking for a Christmas movie that isn’t so jolly!  

Falling for Christmas, 2022 

Staring the iconic Lindsay Lohan, “Falling for Christmas” is a Romantic Comedy similar to the movie Overboard, 1987. Sierra Belmont, played by Lohan, is a wealthy young woman recently engaged and counting down the days till Christmas until a skiing accident leaving her diagnosed with amnesia. Her fiancé is nowhere to be found and Sierra finds herself in the care of a handsome and single father. In his care she experiences and enjoys the simple and humble life, unlike her lavish life before. This is an adorable family movie that will surely get you into the Christmas Spirit.  

The Noel Diary, 2022 

Based on a Novel by Richard Paul Evans, The Noel Diary, is a story about a man, Jacob Turner, who returns to his childhood home after getting a call that his mother passed away and left her house to him. Turner’s mother was mentally ill and had kicked him out at a young age, and Turner has come to his old home to reconcile with his past. While looking through the cluttered home Turner finds a mysterious diary left by someone named Noel. While uncovering puzzles this dramatic movie also has hints of comedy and romance when Turner meets a beautiful young woman with mysteries of her own.  

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