newspapersThe Round Up, as it is known today, was a combination of The New Mexico Collegian, founded January 1891 and the College Weekly, founded Nov. 21, 1906.

Under the direction of Justin R. Weddell, Managing Editor, George G. Helde, Associate  Editor, and 11 reporters, The Round Up completed its first volume and published 37 weekly issues, in the 1907-1908 academic year. It published in Albuquerque “in order to secure the best printing work possible.”

The name selected -The Round Up-was done so, according to one of its first editorials, because “it is a precise name for the paper, which is actually a weekly round-up of news and involves a rounding up of subscribers and advertisers as well.”

The student newspaper was founded three years after the founding of the university (1888) and 19 years before the advent of student government (ASNMSU 1910). The news and information it provided was recognized as an important function by the Board of Regents as it was named the official student publication of the New Mexico State University.
In an early editorial the policy of the Round-Up was briefly stated as being that of “giving authentic news in as clear and pleasing a way as possible.” The editors have followed that policy as closely as it was in their power, and as a result the paper has gained, in large measure, the confidence and support of its readers. It was the belief of those who were instrumental in the founding of the new weekly that “there was enough going on during the college week to keep the reporters busy and the paper newsy.”

 logo         Now in its third century of providing news and information to the NMSU community, the student newspaper continues in its pursuit of journalistic integrity. The founders saw the future, and the goal was to leave it in better shape than when they founded it. That, too, should be our goal in the newest millennium as we combine the traditional print medium with the ideology of the electronic and its convergence with the Internet.



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