Letter to the Editor: Suggestion to promote Aggie achievements and advancements rather than air dirty laundry

Letter to the Editor: Suggestion to promote Aggie achievements and advancements rather than air dirty laundry

The following does not represent the opinion of The Round Up newspaper or its employees. 


While I applaud The Round Up for their dedication and hard work in putting out many informative and insightful articles, I would like to highlight some concerns with its recent journalism practices. In a time when President Floros and other administration has called on students, faculty, and staff to look forward and focus on the progressive achievements by the greater NMSU community, the tone of coverage from The Round Up remains divisive and sensationalist, existing, perhaps to generate news, rather than report it.

While I see the value in voicing concerns about student government, controversial professors, and other controversial campus happenings, this practice sheds negative light onto our university which impacts us at both the local and national level, and has the power to effect enrollment, retention, scholarship, and welfare of current and future NMSU students. As someone who has worked diligently in a variety of leadership positions to promote the success of NMSU, I would like to voice my concerns that some of the journalism from the past semester has been selective, targeting, and even harmful.

For instance, The Round Up criticized NMSU’s student government with many unfounded and vague claims. They additionally failed to reach out to former ASNMSU President Emerson Morrow throughout allegations and censure/impeachment legislation until after publishing several articles related to impeachment proceedings. In contrast, they allowed a professor under allegations of bigotry to respond to claims against him, which included prejudiced and discriminatory sentiments, along with character allegations against his former students.

Furthermore, instead of posting an Op-Ed from a former student senator, they chose to turn the conversation away from supporting independent alternate voices and chastise an experienced executive member of ASNMSU for plagiarism when he attempted to get the collaborative Op-Ed published. Dynamic and compelling research which involves undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and post-doctoral staff, is taking place every day at NMSU.

Student leadership awards, local and national recognition, collaborations, positive outreach, community service, and many other positive and progressive occurrences provide ample fodder for positive media stories to be promoted by The Round Up. As a graduate student whose student fees partially go to fund and operate The Round Up, I am personally disappointed by the negative content The Round Up has been releasing and the impact it has on the moral of our university.

As a soon-to-be graduate and Alumni of NMSU, I urge The Round Up to carefully consider the content it promotes and releases in relation to the long-term welfare of campus. Where there is a place for controversial stories and not everything has to be sunshine and rainbows all of the time, I feel strongly that promoting a larger percentage of positive content about the abundant constructive happenings at NMSU can only improve on-campus moral, outside support, and recognition of NMSU as the bold and successful university it is.

Tara Busch
Graduate Student Council President
Social Psychology, PhD

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