Letter to the Editor: Student parking is a problem


Mitchell Allred

Letter to the editor: Parking is a problem

Dear Editor,

As a student living on campus, I write to inform you about the ongoing student parking problems. The lack of parking has been a constant frustration to not only me, but many of my peers as well. Not only do we not have enough parking spaces for students to comfortably find a spot, there seems to be no action being taken towards solving this problem.

NMSU needs to conduct a survey on student’s opinion on residential parking and use the feedback you collect to develop recommendations that are sustainable, user-focused, and meet the parking and campus access needs of the university. It would be greatly appreciated by the students to have a voice on the issue and know there is effort being taken to access the current parking situation on campus.

We desperately need temporary and long-term solutions. There also needs to be more appropriate parking fees for those who do not get a spot in their designated lot. I understand tickets can be a source of funding, but it doesn’t fix parking issues. As a resident who pays to live on campus and pays for a parking permit, I should be guaranteed a spot for parking.

Until the budget can afford to build another or bigger parking lot, it is highly important that this issue is addressed with solutions so that is easier and smoother for students to attend and make the college experience better for everyone.

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