Brief: NMSU announces selection of an interim provost

Ernesto Cisneros

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Dr. Dorothy Campbell, recently announced as NMSUs new interim provost.

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Dr. Dorothy Campbell, recently announced as NMSU’s new interim provost.

In a statement sent out on Feb.15, Chancellor Dan Arvizu announced that Dr. Dorothy Campbell will become the next interim provost of New Mexico State University effective March 1.   

Last week, Campbell was one of three candidates that spoke with community members and provided insight into her plans of transforming the university leadership and upholding the LEADS 2025 mission. 

In her forum she highlighted the importance of diversity, faculty inclusion and more communication with students.  

“I love higher education, communities that are diverse, and by that, I mean everybody, mainstream whatever stream you’re in, we believe in just celebrating everybody,” Campbell said during her forum.  

Campbell also spoke on the importance of addressing faculty mistrust with the administration. She outlined one way of rebuilding that trust.  

“I would work with the deans, department chairs, and faculty to find out what is the source of the mistrust, really listen to the students and do it in an honest way whether it is true or not, your perception is your reality,” Campbell said. “I would do a lot of listening.”  

The statement from the Chancellor read that Campbell “is remarkably talented and received an overwhelming amount of supportive feedback from our university community during the forums.”   

This is a developing story.  

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