NMSU 2022 Juried Art Show helps artists pave the way for modernized art

Leighanne Muñoz

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Courtesy Photo from Victoria Hubbard

One of the art pieces that Victoria Hubbard had put In Juried Art Show 2022.

The juried show is an annual art show that happens once a year in which different students from all majors could submit their artwork to be displayed at New Mexico State University. The show has a different “juror” each year who chooses which pieces will be exhibited and can vary based on the jurors’ interests.

This year’s juror was Carissa Samaniego. She picked 60 art pieces that are currently being put on display in the NMSU Art Museum.

Zoe Barnes is a graphic designer/ artist who participated in the show and shares her experience creating the  piece “Radioactive Mania,” and what it meant for her art. “This piece represents a breakthrough and turning point to what I really would like to continue with for my career,” Barnes said.

 She explained how digital art is her preferred form of art.  “I do also work on paper and with oil paint, but my passion lies in digital artwork,” she added. Barnes also explores the importance of digital art being included in the Juried Show this year.

Zoe Barnes’ selected piece “Radioactive Media” for Juried Art Show 2022. (Zoe Barnes)

“This is the first step in having more digital artists submit their work to the show because while traditional mediums are still thriving there are artists out there who primarily use digital mediums.” Barnes said.

The art displayed for the show includes a variety and includes many different forms of art. From digital art, to physical pieces and even oil paintings, the show was able to explore all types of art. Each artist that is chosen is honored with a display of their work and most feel incredibly grateful to have their work be put on show.

Another artist featured at the show is Victoria Hubbard, who gives her thanks to Samaniego and is honored to have one of her pieces displayed. Hubbard, who painted “Contemporary Vanitas,” said she spent a little over a week on the piece and explains what the piece meant to her.

“It was a way for me to push myself out of my comfort zone and get a piece of my work out for the community to see,” Hubbard said. “I tried to mimic a style of still-life painting called “Vanitas,” which is meant to remind the viewer and/or the artist that, because of the fleeting nature of life, material things are meaningless in the grand scheme. I attempted to modernize this concept.” she added.

Both art pieces are up for display, as well as many other pieces, in the museum and are a wonderful sight to see. There is free entry for any attendants wanting to see the art pieces. The show officially opened on March 13, 2022 and will be open to the public through April 9.

For more information on the show, you can go to www.uam.nmsu.edu or call 575-646-2545.



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