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Reproductive rights art exhibition for minorities by Bold Future visits NMSU 

Andrea Vasquez
Art exhibition In My Shoes, Our Reproductive Healthcare Journey on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, at the Otero Room of the Corbett Center.

In My Shoes: Our Reproductive Healthcare Journey immersive art experience took place on Monday, Nov. 13 and Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, at the Otero Room of the Corbett Center.  

The exhibit showcases work from people of color and minorities. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the intersectionality of these different identities and ultimately find ways to expand the visibility and accessibility of reproductive healthcare. 

“[T]his exhibit aims to shed light on the diverse and often untold stories surrounding reproductive health care for our Black, Indigenous, Latine, people of color and LGBTQ+ communities,” Bold Futures stated on their website 

A series of different artists’ work was featured in the exhibit. Artists such as David J. Carbajal, QT: Queer and Trans Circle, Black Leader’s Circle, Davetta Wells, Lauryn Mills-Bohannon, Charlas and Uriel Martinez composed elaborated art pieces.  

The exhibition consisted of tabling of different art scenarios that helped tell the story of the trepidation these people have faced.  

As soon as you walked into Otero Room, an artistic production represented by different shoes greeted you at the entrance signaling the “walk in my shoes” element. This was a motif repeated throughout the show.   

Interpreters are also provided for accessibility to the deaf and hard of hearing community through Bold Future’s exhibitions.  

“Accessibility to all, all days, assisting with caption and sign assisted media,” said Sequoia Rae- Zuniga, a community interpreter.  

The project centered not only on the diversity of untold stories from a health perspective but also from an emotional and trauma-related aspect. 

Janeth Jones, program event coordinator, shows an attendee one of the exhibition’s art pieces on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, at the Otero Room of the Corbett Center. (Andrea Vasquez)

The ultimate objective of the exhibit, the artists’ and organizer’s work was to create empathy for the situations encountered by people that are in search of a better quality of life. 

 “I personally know the artists and family members seen through the artwork, they come from trauma and seeing them heal and feeling represented touches their hearts and brings them a bit of healing,” said Janeth Jones, program and event coordinator. 

 The show was put together by Bold Future’s Reproductive Healthcare Success Project. This team oversees the mapping of the project that highlights the creative elements that are composed by both visual and emotional projections. 

The underrepresentation of POC is an issue that creates risks and barriers on both a personal and community level. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, the disproportionate risk for women of color for reproductive health access and outcomes expand beyond individual-level risks and include social and structural factors, such as fewer neighborhood health services, less insurance coverage, decreased access to educational and economic attainment, and even practitioner-level factors such as racial bias and stereotyping. 

In My Shoes art exhibition presented graphic projects that highlight reproductive care on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, at the Otero Room of the Corbett Center. (Andrea Vasquez)

Bold Futures NM is an organization that works to create policy change and reproductive access and justice in New Mexico for women and people of color, to combat and defy the current statistics surrounding these groups of individuals.  

Their mission is to build communities that celebrate their different identities and to unite for decision-making to gain body autonomy and essentially make determinations that bring positive outcomes.  

For information on their research, policy changes, donations and volunteer opportunities, visit Bold Futures NM website 

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Andrea Vasquez, Staff Writer
Andrea Vasquez is a second semester transfer senior at New Mexico State University, majoring in Journalism and Media Studies. Although she was born in Mexico, her life has been shaped by the border experience and having the chance to be part of a tri-city adventure (Juarez, El Paso, Las Cruces). She previously attended El Paso Community College and Wiley College in Marshall, Texas. In 2022, she interned at KTSM Channel 9 News in El Paso, Texas and completed a photography internship at The Santa Fe New Mexican during the summer of 2023. She also participates in NMSU’s student broadcast News 22 as a Spanish anchor and producer for Noticias 22. She intends to pursue a career in the journalism field as both a reporter and a photographer. She is entering her first semester at The Round Up as a staff writer and photographer. For her, having the opportunity to learn and contribute to the NMSU community is a great privilege that she does not take for granted. Journalism offers a chance to observe events closely and more professionally, but disconnecting is also important for her. She likes to enjoy outdoor activities as well as spending time with family and friends and catching up with series and documentaries.

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