Black Lives Matter 


Salina Madrid, Cultural Editor


With the controversy going on in the country regarding “Black Lives Matter,” an organization here on campus is taking strides towards something that they believe in.

The Black Students Association at New Mexico State University was charted in the late 1960’s and promotes African, African-American, African-Caribbean, and African-Latino culture on campus.

Christopher Love, a former President of the organization, is inspired by the diversity of the group and advocates for their purpose and mission.

“I love the close bond that the members have with each other. We keep a warm and family atmosphere in our organization. We are very multi-cultural even though our mission is to promote Afro-culture. We have Asian, Caucasian, and Hispanic members,” said Love.

It is important for them to embrace, no matter what someone’s background is, they are welcome into the organization, to explore their potential.

Statistics show that NMSU’s African descent makes up 3% of the total University. The Black Student Association says that their goal is to educate and show the University their cultures and the significance of them. While doing this, they want to make sure that the School stays diverse and equal. This is something that they strive for, especially with the recent incidents that have occurred around America.


The School has a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds when it comes to student culture. Because we are so close to the borderland, and being a less expensive school with many benefits, you will definitely have a diverse group of people within your classes.

“We try to make our organization diverse by welcoming people into our group of all ethnicity’s, genders, religion, sexual preference’s, etc,” said former president, Love. “We try to stay active on campus and encourage our members to branch out and get involved in the things that NMSU offers.”

The group voiced that some have been subjected to police brutality and blatant racism before, within their community. As a result, they want to make sure that NMSU stays equal and diverse.

“A lot of us members were saddened and outraged by both the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as the killings of the police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge,” said the members of the Black Students Association.

The media and movies have promoted stereotypes of people from different places and cultures. They have branded law enforcement to be racist and to have favorites towards dissimilar people.

Because of this, the Black Student Association wants to block out stereotypes and maintains a strong relationship with police, especially NMSU police.

“As members we understand and respect that most law enforcement officers are model citizens and they risk their life to protect all of us,” said Love.

College students are our upcoming CEO’s, leaders, business men/woman, and rising successors. It is important that students here at NMSU take strides to break barriers and rise above any stereotype.

The Black Student Association wants people to know that they are open and care about their members and the student body. They want to encourage members to stay social with one another, no matter what color they are.

For more information on the Black Student Association at NMSU and to get involved, you can contact them at (575)-646-4208, or email [email protected]

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