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Equality for all Aggies

Jianna Vasquez, Cultural Editor

Aggies for feminism is not only an organization that focuses on equality for women, but serves to promote equality among the whole NMSU student body.

A-F-F focuses on topics such as sexual violence, female sexuality, gender inequality in work and social environments, media representations of women and more.

The organization has events coming up during the spring semester, which will bring awareness to rape and gender equality

“We should all be treated equal because we are all human,” said A-F-F Vice President and creative writing major, Sarah Luna.

A-F-F will host its 5th annual “Slutwalk” this spring. This event is used to bring sexual violence awareness not only to the NMSU campus, but also to the Las Cruces community. The main intent of it is to shatter common myths about sexual violence and to educate the community about victim blaming.

A-F-F hopes to get across a message to the community that “yes means yes, and no means no.”

“Everyone deserves to dress the way they want to and it doesn’t mean that it’s an open invitation for someone to approach them in a sexual way,” said Luna

Members said that this event is not only aimed at educating people about sexual violence, but it is also aimed at teaching people that it is okay to be who they are, and to wear what you want without having to worry about being assaulted.

President of A-F-F, Anely Marrufo who has been pursuing two degrees in Anthropology and Criminal Justice, expressed the organizations importance to her.

“Aggies for feminism helps me realize what I stand for when it comes to equality, it also helps me learn new things from different people,” said Marrufo.

Marrufo grew up with a single mother who had to play the roles of both mom and dad. This played a big part in her becoming a feminist. Growing up she saw her mom do things like work on cars and then still go home and cook dinner.  More than anything, seeing this made her open her eyes to feminism and gender equality. Because of her upbringing she realizes how important the organization, and really are the values that A-F-F stand for.

Much like Marrufo, many of the other members share the same values, which is what brings these individuals together.

“We’re about complete equality between the sexes because one sex isn’t greater than the other,” said International business major, Rachel Traczyk.

Traczyk and fellow A-F-F member and Engineering major, Gabriel Hamilton, stress the importance about gender equality in the work field.

“We should all get paid the same,”

Hamilton says that he strongly agrees with her because everyone works just as hard to become successful. This is just one of the many issues that A-F-F discusses in their weekly meetings.

A-F-F hopes to add more individuals to their organization next semester. Aggies for Feminism meets every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at Garcia hall in room 241B.

“Our goal is to share information that will help benefit one another and to be aware of what’s going on in the world,” said Marrufo.

Aggies for Feminism strives to create an inclusive environment. Their goal is to welcome people of all walks of life or political views into their community.

“We welcome a lot of perspectives and diversity of thinking because it helps us understand more, “said Marrufo. “Everyone is welcome with open arms.”

For more information about Aggies for Feminism you can contact the organization at [email protected]

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Equality for all Aggies