Opinion: ‘Shoot your shot’ this Valentine’s Day


The term “Shoot your shot” has been used by every millennial it seems. You open Twitter, Instagram, even Snapchat and you see the term being used through memes or jokes on one’s timeline all over the internet. According to the website Urban Dictionary, “Shoot your shot” means to let go of your pride and pursue someone you are interested in. Another notable definition is to take a chance no matter if you fail or not.

So, how are New Mexico State University students “Shooting their shot?” The Round Up sat down with various students to get insight into how students on campus are willing to take the plunge and reach out to someone they find attractive.

“I don’t like when boys are creepy,” Catherine Chambers, a freshman studying communications said.

“Come up to me and start a real conversation, do not use pick up lines,” Chambers jokingly added.

Since most students use social media it seems like the most convenient way to reach out to someone is to privately message them. Another term used when shooting your shot is “Sliding into the DMs.” The phrase is being used by millennials on social media as well. Urban Dictionary defines it as getting into a girl’s or boy’s private messages to talk. So does sliding into the DMs work?

Jessie Todd, a junior studying kinesiology explains her experiences in the DMs.

“I’ve had people just DM me, no idea who they were and it was kind of sketchy,” Todd said.

Todd stated that she’s had multiple boys message her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Tinder. Tinder is a dating app in which users swipe left if they are not interested in the person or right if they want to start talking. The other users have to swipe right in order for both of you to match and begin talking.

“The amount of messages I would get on Tinder was insane,” Todd said.

Todd explained that people would message her with pickup lines, gifs (GIFs are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time, basically a moving picture) and even riddles.

“They would DM me a riddle and if I didn’t get it right then I would have to go to dinner with them,” Todd said.

Todd explained that she went out on a date with a guy from her DMs and it did not go well. She also added that she wouldn’t use Tinder to actually look for dates, but as more of a self-esteem boost.

“I swipe right on people I know because I think it’s funny,” Todd said. “I actually prefer for someone to come up to me and start a conversation. Then if it flows well and he asks for my Snapchat or phone number then he can have it.”

Todd also added that there’s nothing wrong with giving that information out because you can always block them if it gets weird.

“I don’t respond to Instagram DMs unless he’s cute or I kind of know him,” Chambers added. “But if I don’t respond once… I won’t respond to you again.”

Misa Tran, a freshman studying Athletic Training says to skip the whole social media thing and just do it in person.

“I’m not into the whole online thing,” Tran said. “I’m very much a personality girl and so I want to see if you can hold a conversation.”

Tran explained that the proper way to approach the situation is, to begin with, a compliment, but a genuine one.

“Nothing too weird when it comes to complimenting,” Tran said. “Say something about a feature that you like, but not anything vulgar.”

Tran likes when a guy is confident, but not cocky.

“Legit, just don’t be a tool,” Train said. “Don’t be a know it all, that’s a turn-off, and ask about my interests.”

It seems the female perspective would prefer for their interactions to be done in person and if they know you in any form than it is okay to slide in the DMs. The main point though is to still put a real interaction to the face and name, not through a phone screen.

So how do the guys like to be approached and what are their methods when shooting their shot? Remember, it goes both ways…

“I don’t think you can just send it,” Brody Edwards, a junior studying marketing said.

The term “send it” is also being used and is defined as a way to just go for it with no regrets.

Edwards describes his strategy on how to approach someone he finds attractive in a very calculated method.

“You really need to think about it,” Edwards said. “If I like you. I’m going to go out of my way to meet you.”

Edwards says he’s a very much an in-person guy and would prefer not to message you on social media.

“I don’t want to be one of those guys,” Edwards stated.

According to the women interviewed many told stories about how aggressive and persistent guys were when messaging them. With the huge stigma of being labeled as “one of those guys,” it is understandable why some men wouldn’t want to reach out in that manner. 

Edwards still works the social media angle through to get attention from perspective love interests.

“I’ll like two of her pictures on Instagram that are more than two weeks old,” Edwards said. “Nothing too far back, but if she decides to like my photos, then it’s a go.”

Edwards explains that if she returns the favor of liking the photos then it shows a slight insight that she could be interested. When it comes to a girl approaching him –  he knows they are going to be straightforward.

“I’ll definitely talk to them, but if I didn’t know them then it’s probably a no for me,” Edwards said.

Jack Young, a freshman studying small business management explains his tactics.

“Be subtle, don’t be obnoxious,” Young said. “I usually pay attention to style so I compliment their outfit or a cool feature I like.”

Young says he prefers to make any interactions in person and not through the DMs. He considers himself a shy guy but would like the effort to go both ways.

“I stare a lot and I don’t even realize it,” Young said. “But if I catch you staring at me when I’m staring at you… well… I guess I’ll go over and say hi.”

He says no one asks for phone numbers anymore, but rather for each other’s Snapchat information in person. The online dating apps like Tinder aren’t his thing either and makes the whole situation raunchy in his opinion.

When looking for a girl to approach him he says to just put yourself out there.

“Come up to me, let’s have a conversation,” Young said. “The effort is cute. I am not a piece of meat; I have feeling too!”

The Round Up would like to hear from you on how your methods might be different from those we interviewed. Have you found success through the DMs? Let us know in the comments below!

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