Aggies in the Big Apple


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By: Jianna Vasquez

NMSU’s Model United Nations will take on the Big Apple this spring.

Model United Nations (M-U-N) is raising money by selling Christmas ornaments for their trip this spring.

The organization will partake in a four-day simulation, which partially takes place in the United Nation’s building in New York.

“It’s an amazing opportunity where you get to meet incredible people,” said Government major and first year member, Cody McCarty.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation that aims to educate members about current events, topics in international relations, effective communications, and multilateral diplomacy. As many as 400,00 collegiate students take part annually in the M-U-N conferences around the world.

In previous years NMSU’s M-U-N has ranked in the top 15 percent of participants in the four-day simulation conference.

“There’s a lot of pressure on this year’s officers to maintain the ongoing track record, but it’s very rewarding,” said graduate student and president of NMSU’s Model of United Nations, Prasamsa Dhakal.

Members of M-U-N prepare themselves for their trip to New York by having mini simulations. In these simulations all members are assigned an individual country that they represent.

Members of the organization write position papers on the country they are assigned. In this paper they study the country’s views on certain points. Committees, which are a group of members who use parliamentary procedures to make decisions, are also assigned to groups to study this as a team.

“You study everything about that committee and how that country reflects on that committee, and how it represents in Model United Nations,” said McCarty. “You’re pretty much acting on behalf of that country in the simulation.”

This year NMSU’s Model United Nations is representing the country of Greece at the conference in New York.

“This team provides a mechanism by which NMSU can get its name known on an international scale, there are people at this conference from Germany, Japan and Italy. So for them to see NMSU year after year compete at such a high level is very good for this institution,” said Government major, DeLorean Forbes.

“We’ve been trying different avenues to raise money,” said Dhakal.

M-U-N will be having three fundraisers this semester, where they will be selling NMSU themed ornaments and will host giveback nights at both Jason’s Deli and Texas Roadhouse.

Junior, Government and economics major, Wilderness Castillo-Dobson hopes to continue the success of the organization this year.

“Every year we come home with awards and we’re hoping to continue that tradition,” said Castillo-Dobson.

This program is open to all students regardless of their field of study. For more information and how to get involved, contact the Department of Government at (575)-646-4935.


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