Life Will Go On


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By: Albert Luna

We covered the Presidential Election at length last semester from the first issue until the last, it was our job to journal the climate of the campus in regards to the historically polarizing event. In the time between November 8 and January 20, however, we saw reactions to the election that simply were never seen before. Despite all of the protests, outcry, and attempted over-turnings, the results have held up over the past few weeks.

Not only in the results, but in essentially every step of the transition process, the Trump team has been essentially road-blocked my scores of people. Whether it is the recent Senate confirmation hearings for President Trump’s cabinet picks or even if it is simply trying to wish America a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everything was seen somehow sour in taste for the then President-Elect. A recent “Public Policy Polling” survey revealed that in most urban cities, a fraction (32%) of Americans believe the election of Trump is a part of a bigger government conspiracy.

Think about that statistic for a moment, a widely unpopular [in some circles] candidate wins an election and the people are essentially saying the very fabric of government in this country is rigged. This is basically the result of a very emotionally invested election and the many ugly faces that America showed in its aftermath.

The biggest thing we can take away is, no matter how hard of a pushback, Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States, and life as we know it will continue to go on. After all, the only thing that is the end of the world, is, well, the end of the world.

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Life Will Go On