Brief: Car fire reported in Zuhl Library parking lot Thursday


Ch'ree Essary

Car on fire in parking lot 45 of NMSU main campus.

The New Mexico State University Fire Department responded to a car fire in a main campus parking lot Thursday afternoon.

The fire, which took place around 5:30 p.m. in parking lot 45 between Zuhl Library and the Garcia Complex, was determined to be unintentional, according to NMSU Media Relations Officer Minerva Baumann.

NMSU student Juliana Wisner’s car was parked next to the vehicle that caught fire.

Wisner said she and her friend were leaving a Panhellenic meeting when they saw the owner of the car standing near his car which was producing smoke. The car then caught fire and Wisner said she proceeded to call authorities.

According to Baumann, the fire department responded within 2 and a half minutes of the call. The car was 50% engulfed in flames coming from the engine compartment. 

No damage to Wisner’s car or injuries were reported.

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