Lifestyle: An Easter Epic


Illustration by Lauren Roman

The Prince reclined at Table,

Served by Guardians of Light, servants who are angels.

At the beginning of Time, the majestic Persons in One,

Used their voices, the power of the Spirit of God,

To form man of their liking

And the majestic Royals rejoiced over such a making,

But how deep was the fall of His crowned creatures,

When they listened to the lie that they were of no importance

And that their Maker and Friend was not to be trusted.

They traded their anointing for slavery

And turned their ear to their enemy.

They listened and forsaked their former glory.

And it seemed the serpent had won and acquired all humanity,

While they themselves became his subjects and lost to his definition of their identity,

For years man and woman would remain confused and lost to the notion

That they are dust and worth nothing more to anyone.

So, in their hopeless wanderings, they would tether themselves to

Objects and gods,

Witchcraft and rituals,

Anything and everything to fill those hollow holes,

The endless void that empties their souls.

But, behold! The Lord cries, “Children, I shall make all things new.”

For the King, before the beginning of Time,

Had instructed the Prince to be brave and ready for human life,

The idea would bring joy to Their hearts and sorrow for what was to come,

And, thus, the cry swept across Jerusalem, when He was born to a virgin woman.

There were cries of jubilation, for all sensed the return of Heavenly reunion.

But none would foresee the coming future.

Soon, the son of Man grew and became their Divine Teacher.

He would instruct them in their True Humanity and ways of Heaven,

And in the process plant faith and rebirth, love and affection.

But not all received the Prince of Light with utmost reverence,

For lost in religious ambition, they failed to see Him,

Until that fateful night arrived,

When the intention of the Father would come to fruition.

That, during a time of celebration, night would fall during the Feast of Unleavened Bread,

The one of full humanity and full deity

Would surrender to His adversaries.

He would allow them to seize Him in the Garden,

The Holy Ground in which He pleaded for mercy,

And would lay down His will so that the Holy Plan would be completed.

They spat and they disrespected the Prince of Heaven,

Accused Him of evil and placed upon Him thirty-nine lashes,

His head that once bore the glory that surpassed the riches of earthly dominions

That Being, so regal and so majestic

Was given a Crown made of thorns and stripped naked.

Then upon those shoulders that was once alight with joyous celebration of the Love given Him

Was given a cross to carry upon his back,

And stricken with unimaginable affliction.

The nails were driven into the Hands that once molded the mud of the Garden,

To make Beings like Himself,

For His delight, the man and woman,

And with that same love, cried out in anguish, Tetelestai, “It is finished!”

Then the Earth darkened

For three days there was nothing but silence.

Guilt and shame overwhelmed the Jewish nation,

Yet, for the last time would it separate them from their Father

For they didn’t know it yet, but at that moment, they acquired a Savior.

For three days, Heaven and Earth remained in a stupor

Until the day arrived when the tomb was opened,

And Yeshua had opened His eyes and taken His first breath,

For the One who breathed life into Humanity,

Breathed the first of a life filled with Redemption.

Death lost its grip,

And the prince that stood against Him lay defeated.

He Who spoke the earth into existence, spoke of celebration,

For all who believe shall partake in resurrection.

And all His Children shall truly live again,

And be reunited with their Father in Heaven.

A chosen people loved and adopted, forgiven of all sin.

The Prince, in all His glory, who walks victoriously,

Crowns His Sons and Daughters,

Promising to be with them for all Eternity.

Yeshua, Lord of Life, sits at the right side of Our Father’s throne

And awaits His Royal Priesthood, promising to be with them Forevermore.

He has claimed what was rightfully His own

And returned them back to their former Whole.

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