GO Bond C will fund agricultural modernization, advance NMSU research


Santana Ochoa

Voters will decide on funding for NMSU agricultural modernization this November.

If approved this November, general obligation bond C will bring $30.46 million to New Mexico State University’s agricultural modernization and educational facilities.

GO Bond C would fund projects including Water Conservation & Rangeland Ecology, Human Health & Biomedical Research, Food Security & Animal Production Efficiency and Student Learning & Public Outreach. These follow a previous GO bond initiative that allowed for phase one to commence after its approval in 2018. Each project’s budget has been adjusted based on the allotment of funds that is to be voted on in the election.

President John Floros said that this GO Bond will be a vital way to improve NMSU as a whole and to improve education and research at the university.

“This bond would do so much for the NMSU community,” Floros said. “It will provide more opportunities for students and more investments for research for staff.”

Floros said economically, this GO Bond could have a positive influence on local job opportunities.

“Upon its approval, there will be an immediate impact with more jobs to start construction so it will be crucial to the community,” Floros said.

Floros said one thing he can assure is that there will be no tax increases if the bond passes this election.

Each project plans to bring more research and hands-on opportunities to students and the community than current efforts, Floros said.

According to Floros, the biomedical research building would bring more studies on cancer and viruses to the university and provide hands-on learning to students. The student outreach and public learning building would allow for more public inclusion in university research projects and allow students in high school and middle school to come to the school and participate in interactive lessons.

Infrastructure and research could provide possible solutions for food security, food production in the meat industry and methods to improve the quality of life for animals, Floros said. Lastly, the water efficiency project would bring more research in range management and preservation of water and could generate water use solutions.

Floros says the GO Bond would aid the agricultural aspect of NMSU and the greater New Mexico economy.

The election this year is on Nov. 3 and the GO Bond Questions are on the back of the ballot.

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