NMSU community in favor of gateway design proposal


Image Courtesy of NMSU News Center

New Mexico State University has approved the new ‘Gateway to NMSU’ project to be placed at the intersection of Triviz Drive and University Avenue to welcome students and visitors to main campus. The monument design is combination of NMSU’s “Be Bold” slogan and Gates derived from the Miller Field Gates.  

The project total will cost nearly $1.1 million with the expected start date for the design in September 2021, following the completion of the roundabout near Interstate 25 and University Avenue. The design was decided upon after a majority of survey respondents favored the combination of the slogan and gate concepts.   

The Aggie Gates feature will play off the design of the Miller Field Gates constructed in 1924 located in between Skeen Hall and the Horseshoe on the west side of campus. Miller Field was the athletic field on NMSU’s campus long before the construction of Aggie Memorial Stadium in 1978. 

 The NMSU Bold signage will read as “New Mexico State University” with bold lettering to align with the university’s slogan “Be Bold. Shape the Future.” The design features a weathered steel background with natural stone veneer and vinyl lettering that is white powder-coated in aluminum. 

Some students have said they are looking forward to a combined concept to denote the entrance to the main campus.  

Natasha Banks, a freshman, said she is excited about the look, especially since the entrance could be completed before her expected graduation date.  

“I am super happy that it’s the combo look,” Banks said.  I feel like it is [going to] do a lot for the campus plus will be great spot for my senior photos.” 

This design comes after an original proposal of a Pistol Pete statue in the center of the roundabout was deemed controversial 

Faculty members criticized the design in a Las Cruces Sun-News article, saying that the mascot upheld violent and colonial symbolism that “would be traumatic to many members of NMSU’s community, especially Indigenous peoples, victims of gun violence, as well as women and gender non-conforming people.” 

Before the project can be completed, it must be reviewed by the Board of Regents, the New Mexico Higher Education Department and the State Board of Finance for final approval. 

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