Calling all runners: The Annual Turkey Trot is coming up!


With roots set as far back as 1896, the tradition of a Turkey Trot race has become a nationwide phenomenon as almost everywhere in America hosts the race during the Thanksgiving holiday. Our Las Cruces area is among the many that participate in the tradition as the Turkey Trot 2022 is set to happen on the morning of Thanksgiving day from Organ Mountain High School. Open to all ages there will be an option of a one-mile fun run, 5k trail and 10k trail/road race to suit whichever distance works best with each person’s goals.

Many students who may have run track or cross country in high school can participate to simply enjoy a good run or an option to reincorporate into daily college student life. The unique quality of this race is there will be the opportunity to gain the motivation of a team dynamic by utilizing a new training program. Open to any NMSU students, this training can help those who would like a running buddy as well as get more involved in the running community of Las Cruces.

This year, there will be a weekly training program each Saturday starting this weekend that will be available at no cost for anyone in Las Cruces to participate in regardless if they plan to enter the race or not. The first group training program is scheduled for a run leaving from Bionic Barbell gym on Sept. 10th.

This program has not been offered in the previous years but will be incorporated to help those who want training buddies and would like this added layer of group training. Races like these are a great opportunity for students who run to get involved in community events and meet people who also enjoy the pleasures of running competitively or just for fun.

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