Expand your cozy gaming inventory: Some Nintendo Switch ‘fall’ games to check out


The Nintendo Switch game “Coffee Talk” depicted with some of the characters in the game where you play as a barista. Screenshot by Noelle Whetten on Spet. 22, 2022.

Nintendo Switch owners are you looking for a new cozy game to add to your library for the fall season? Below are four wholesome and relaxing games that all have something different to offer.  

Coffee Talk 

Take a break from being a college student and become a barista in Seattle for interesting characters such as werewolves, elves and mermaids. “Coffee Talk” is a relaxing visual novel game, where you listen to your customers’ issues or successes and serve them with the right curated drink.   

Coffee Talk is an easy-on-the-eye game with its “vibe-inducing color palette” and pixel visuals, Nintendo Switch states. Each character has a different story and personality which makes the dialogue so much more interesting. Listen to people talk about their forbidden love, aspirations, struggles and missions. There is also a selection of jazz and lo-fi music to help immerse yourself in the barista role and relax your mind and body.  

The game takes about 3 hours to fully complete, but there are multiple endings and awards to unlock based on how you serve your customers, so you can play it multiple times, or you can play the endless option where you can practice making new drinks with different ingredients and practice your latte art.  


If you’re looking for something that warms the heart and soul, “Spiritfarer” is the game for you. On-board a variety of spirits that complete their last wishes as you send them into the afterlife. Build connections with the characters as you learn more about what they like, dislike and personality traits. When you level up your relationship with them and complete their final wishes, be prepared to say goodbye.  

You start off on a boat with a character, Stella, and her cat, Daffodil. As you travel across the ocean you will meet new spirits what you will house and complete tasks for. Each spirit is a different animal, and they all have different personality traits. The game takes around 30 or more hours to complete, but the ending is worth your time.  

Spiritfarer creates a mesmerizing and emotional way to accept life, death and love. With features like being able to hug the characters and do activities with them, it’s hard to not immerse yourself in the game. As you slowly make friendships with each character, they will eventually make a place in your heart which makes saying goodbye bittersweet. 


“Spiritfarer” is an indie game where you befreind spirits and relsease them in the afterlife. Screenshot by Noelle Whetten on Sept. 22, 2022.











For those who like to clean and organize when bored, this game is a way to do that digitally … and more! “Unpacking” is a great game for sitting back and enjoying some relaxing organizing as you unpack the life of a girl as she is growing up. You help her unpack her first apartment, her moving in with her boyfriend, and her moving back home. As you unpack the character’s belongings you learn more about who the character is and what significant moments are happening in her life.  

Based on where you put things you can get certain achievements but there is no right or wrong way to unpack it is just a matter of finding a place for everything she owns. This game takes about 4 to 5 hours to complete but you can play it multiple times.  


“Unpacking” is a zen game where you unpack items and boxes in your room to put them into a new home. Screenshot by Noelle Whetten on Sept. 22, 2022.













This indie action-adventure game is exciting and heartwarming. You play as a mute character, John, who finds a young girl in the mines, Sam. Sam’s origin is unknown, but trouble always seems to follow her. As John and Sam travel east to escape this darkness called the “Miasma,” you learn more about who Sam is and where she comes from.  

The game is beautifully animated followed by a great soundtrack. There is a lot of dialogue, but it is worth it to see how the characters interact with each other and see their personalities. This game does have its long parts, but the ending is well worth the wait. There are side quests, and fun games within the game you can play, and you can collect figures and food items throughout playing. 

My favorite part of the game is exploring all the different cities they travel through and seeing everything fall into place at the very end of the game. There are a lot of cute and unordinary features in the game like saving your game in fridges and using a pan or flamethrowers to fight enemies that makes “Eastward” stand out.  


“Eastward” is another indie action game that you play as a mute character and explore mines and the ‘darkness’. Screenshot taken by Noelle Whetten on Sept. 22, 2022.










Other Honorable Mentions: 

A Short Hike 

This calm and simple game is perfect if you’re looking for one that doesn’t require much effort. The mission of the game is to collect feathers and other treasures so your character, a bird, can reach the summit of the mountain to get cellphone reception. The gameplay is peaceful, and you can soar around the mountain, fish, meet other characters and complete their side quests.  

To the Moon 

This cozy game is perfect for a rainy day. “To the Moon” is a psychological drama game, where two doctors travel back in time through an old man’s memories to fulfill his dying wish. This game is carefully curated with an original soundtrack, that is closely related to the well-written story.  

As you travel through memories you slowly discover who the old man is and why he wishes to go to the moon. It is similar to a visual novel with some interactive parts. It is very straight to the point with no filler missions on dialogue. You put together puzzles and find things that were meaningful to him in order to travel to older memories.

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