Fun and unique classes to take for the Spring 2023 semester


Leah De La Torre

Wine Appreciation students taste an array of different wines, throughout the course. Students in Wine Appreciation also learn about the history and characteristics of different wines, taken on Nov. 9, 2022

Class registration is happening right now and New Mexico State University offers a lot of fun classes that you can take to fulfill your credit hours or just to add a fun class to your schedule. Below I have listed some interesting classes to make your student schedule more fun.  

HRTM 414: Wine Appreciation 

Surprise your dinner party with your wine tasting vocabulary and knowledge of wine through Wine Appreciation. This class examines wine through lectures, tastings of wine paired with food and guest speakers. If you are 21 years or older and are interested in evaluating wines and diving deeper into how wine is created and what goes into fully appreciating wine, you can register for this class after getting the consent of the instructor. This class is three credits.  

PHED 1410: Yoga 

Take a step back from your stresses — breathe and start your day with yoga. This class practices different styles of yoga inside and outside expanding on the meaning behind each pose and technique. You can develop a better understanding of how to calm the mind with breathing exercises as well as body movements. There are minimal assignments in this class that are just reflections of your physical and mental practice. This class is one credit and may be repeated up to six credits. 


American Sign Language instructor, Sandra Williams, signs to her students, taken on Nov. 9, 2022 (Leah De La Torre)

SIGN 1110: American Sign Language I

This introductory-level language course introduces you to American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary, conversation skills, expressive skills, and the examination of deaf-culture. Developing ASL is a valuable skill that allows you to communicate with the deaf community. This class is fun and challenging as you make connections with vocabulary and signing.  

EPWS 325V:  Insects, Humans, and the Environment 

Bees, ants and flies oh my! Insects impact many aspects of life and things you probably wouldn’t even think of. They impact the economy, crime, crops, disease, and more. This class examines the biology and behavior of insects, as well as their impact on our food, movies, art and even weapons. Rumor is, if you get a tattoo of a bug in this class, you’ll get a lot of extra credit. This class is three credits.  

NMSU student Angel Apodaca shows the tattoo he got for his independent project, for his insect class. (Courtesy photo from Angel Apodaca)

DANC 1130: Ballet I 

Fulfill your dreams of being a ballerina and learn the basic performance skills and fundamental movements of ballet. This course teaches you a range of motions, vocabulary and musicality. Through the course, you will enhance your flexibility, coordination, balance and body alignment. You will also study basic theories of ballet placement and ballet terminology. This class is one credit and may be repeated up to two credits. 

DANC 1185: Beginning Country Western Dance 

If ballet is not for you, maybe country western two-step dancing along with line dancing is. This course will help you gain a deeper understanding of the elements of dance techniques. Develop your own style as you become more aware of rhythmic accuracy and understand the process of creating original combinations. This class is one credit and may be repeated up to two credits. 

New Mexico State University Spring 2023 early registration starts on Nov. 10, 2022 and will last until Jan. 19, 2023.  

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