Senate allocates new leaders as the fiscal year comes to a close


Leah De La Torre

Senator Eddie Gallegos represents his constituent for a vetoed bill. Mar. 30, 2023.

The month of March has been eventful for the 66th Senate of the Associated Students of New Mexico State University, with their meetings of the month packed with leadership re-distributions and a new attorney general.

New leaders step up

In early March, Former President Garrett Moseley said that he would be resigning from the office as ASNMSU president in order to fulfill new roles as NMSU’s Student Regent. Moseley was nominated by Governor Michelle Lujan Grusham on March 2, 2023, and released a statement of resignation on the ASNMSU Instagram.

“To the students of NMSU, thank you for entrusting me to advocate on your behalf and represent your voice. My resignation will become imminent, and I will officially vacate the office of ASNMSU President at the conclusion of my confirmation vote to the position of Student Regent,” Moseley’s said in the statement.

Due to Moseley’s resignation, Kaleb Herndon became the new President of ASNMSU and Sophie Pettes the Vice President, respectively.  Pettes further explained that a change of leadership was required because Moseley’s new position falls under ASNMSU.

Additionally, Senator Shelden DeLara was elected as the new president-pro tempore.  DeLara shared with the senate that his biggest goal for the short time he will be the pro-temp is to equip and prepare the 67th Senate of ASNMSU.

“I think that [as pro-temp I can] personally work with everybody, ensure that everybody is aware of who their senior senator is, and making sure that they have someone they can go to to ask questions…I guess just educating and sharing my knowledge [that] I can with everybody,” DeLara said.

New attorney general sets new guidelines

Jay Choate presented himself as ASNMSU’s new Attorney General at the senate meeting occurring on March 9.  During his introduction, he proposed some new guidelines that he hopes to implement in senate processes.

Choate said that one of the things he wants to do for next year’s senate is reformat the lawbook to make it more understandable to senators.  Furthermore, he also wanted to make sure that senators knew the lawbook very well so that they could enforce it to the best of their abilities.

To end his introduction with senate, Choate shared what he called “controversial” recommendations, where he suggested that ASNMSU figures out a process for handling tabled bills and creating a process for bills that suspend the lawbook.

Additional information on the March 9 meeting was removed from the ASNMSU Facebook and has not been re-uploaded. The Round Up contacted someone to retrieve the previous recording, but we have not been sent a copy.

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