The Peek of Las Cruces Hits NMSU Campus

Gianni Nicole Villegas

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The Peek of Las Cruces provided good food and fun Thursday night at NMSU.

The Peek of Las Cruces took place on Locust Street Thursday evening for the fourth-consecutive year of food, music and fun for those in the NMSU and Las Cruces area. The purpose of the Peek of Las Cruces was to create a wholesome community event with a family atmosphere for campus residents, students, faculty, and staff to learn about local business places, food chains, and activities around Las Cruces. The street fest consisted of vendors from restaurants such as the new Rudy’s that was imputed into town along with the new retail chain and Las Cruces very own Organ Mountain Outlets. There were many other enthusiastic businesses and food chains to display their prized goods and services that has created a reputation of satisfaction for all its customers.

Michael Jasek, the Dean of Students at New Mexico State University, is in charge of the event. The main goal was to expose the quality retail chains, businesses, or any other organization that Las Cruces has to offer. There were representatives at each tent to talk about the products or foods that is displayed. Jasek went on to say, “Each year this event has been growing, it’s a great atmosphere and we are really proud to hold this event to show students not from around the area of Las Cruces a hint of what we have. Also weekend events such as the farmers market is what we really want to expose so the students can go out and have something to do.”

Rudy’s General Manager Joel Currey talks about his experience at the street fest. “I think it is a great idea to get in touch with students get some exposure with getting Rudy’s name out since we are new in town. We are giving out free samples and are showing what we have to offer to the community of Las Cruces.”

Natasha Wade, a third-year student has attended this event for her second consecutive year and says it is a fun event for students to come out to. Wade goes on and says, “They provide a lot of local retail or food booths to show what they have to pitch so us as students can remember and hopefully visit their actual location. I think it’s cool, there’s free samples and you just hang out with your friends. It’s at the end of the day where students don’t have class and go out and not be in their dorms.”

Wade is from the El Paso area but feels like Las Cruces is her second home. The Peek of Las Cruces street fair takes place every year around the month of October. It is an outdoor event that is welcomed to the public and community of Las Cruces. It is highly emphasized that students attend and participate at an event like this to get a sense of what the community has to show. Students need to see what is passed their dorm room window and explore the town. Las Cruces is a great town and has quality food chains, businesses and endless retail competitors that range at many lengths. The town is growing every month with new retail spots and commonly known restaurants such as Raisin’ Canes and Chipotle breaking ground at this very moment.

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