Team Naray represents New Mexico State University in Red Bull Challenge


Photo courtesy of Team Naray

Red Bull hosts a bi-yearly adventure of a lifetime for all college students to be able to represent their university, state, and even country by traveling across Europe to Amsterdam in seven days using 24 cans of Red Bull as their own currency.

Three New Mexico State students were selected to be a part of the Red Bull Challenge.

The three students are: Torbyn Nare, a senior majoring in computer science, Jonah Kennon a senior majoring in individualized studies, and Emilio Baca also a senior majoring in marketing for small business management.

All three are members of the Sigma Chi fraternity at NMSU.

The Red Bull Challenge is very rare and only connects students that are fearless, eager for adventure, and for students that aren’t afraid to travel parts of Europe using their skills of communication, passion, and creativity all while seeking to get to their destination, which is Amsterdam.

Team Naray is the only school representing the state of New Mexico. There are 18 other competing universities in the U.S. out of the 200 universities competing worldwide. Over 3,083 hopeful universities entered the challenge but only 200 were selected.

Red Bull is a sponsor to NMSU and Maya Lopez is the student representative ambassador for NMSU. The challenge consisted of a group of three students to send a creative video that want to travel across Europe and Lopez knew the three exact guys that would be perfect for this challenge.

“It was kind of made for us because we have all studied abroad and are already exposed to the European culture. We are all used to traveling and have already experienced the Red Bull guidelines. What a way to go out right before graduating college.”

In the Spring semester of last year, Kennon studied abroad Amsterdam and Baca studied abroad in Italy and Morocco.

The trio have been great friends for years. DJ Naray is a DJ, producer and artist that sometimes plays at NMSU sporting events.

Kennon and Baca are both the group’s artist managers. They travel regionally to open up for big and coming headliners within the music DJ industry.

The rules for the Red Bull Challenge are simple. First, a group of three college students sends in a video to Red Bull that is not only creative but genuine to why their team should qualify for the challenge,

Secondly, once entered in the challenge, the team will be flown out to Budapest, which is Team Naray’s starting point.

Lastly, the teams’ resources are very limited. During the challenge, team members cannot use any source of money, cannot use personal cell phone, or copyright any music to their personal website. The team members can take their personal resources but it’ll be placed in an emergency bag, and if they use that emergency bag the team is disqualified.

The point of the challenge is to hit as many destination or “check points” in order to receive points. Teams need to hit a minimum of six check points out of 50. Throughout the seven-day venture, teams will be documenting the entire journey. It is important for people to view their journey to also receive viewpoints. Every minute will be documented for the public to follow Team Narays’ journey traveling across Europe starting from Budapest and going through major cities and hopefully with the final result ending in Amsterdam all within seven days.

The trio believe with their personal charm of great communication, friendly approach and overall advertisement will allow them to persuade the people of their given country to let them get a free train ticket, have a full course meal, or even stay in a five-star hotel throughout their journey all while trading cans of Red Bull.

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