Corbett Center’s “Game Night” Has Become Popular Amongst NMSU Students


The newly renovated Corbett Center game room provides NMSU students the chance to enjoy games and meet new people. Photo courtesy of CCSU.

The Corbett Center Student Union hosted its monthly Game Night Wednesday evening inside the Corbett Center Game Room. Students were able to meet new friends and reunite with others. At the Corbett Center Game Night, students were encouraged to play a variety of games such as pool, table tennis, air hockey, and foosball. There were also free snacks available to all who attended.

It appears that Game Night has been popular amongst NMSU students. Hector, one of the employees who works at the Game Room has been working over a year now, explained on average how many students attend.

“If it’s the beginning of school, it’s anywhere between 30 to 60 people or if it’s kind of later in the school year when everybody is having their midterms, we usually see about 15 to 25,” Hector said. “In terms of first coming to school and getting situated, I think it’s a great first job. I think it’s something that you can use to meet new people and to just really get out of that fear of being shy. I think it’s definitely something that is good to kind of start off with when you first come to this school.”

Two NMSU undergraduate seniors, Tommy and Adrian, were one of the students who attended Game Night. They had spent most of their time engaged in an affable game of pool. Tommy had commented that he had been playing pool ever since he was six and Adrian could testify to his friend’s skills. The two had never attended Game Night before, but expressed their enjoyment of it.

“The best part about Game Night is the cookies,” Adrian said. “The free food is always good. It’s getting to play games and get cookies that makes it like a real special thing.”

Another attendee was Samonty, an NMSU graduate currently studying Civil Engineering. Samonty has attended Game Night a couple times before and likes to watch others play. By sitting out and observing, Samonty is able to learn how to play games she’s never encountered before.

When asked what her favorite game to play was, Samonty said, “Even though I don’t know how to play pool, it is my favorite.”

Game Night is a perfect place for students to relax and destress from midterms and school, in general. All enrolled students are welcome to come, whether they arrive in groups or solo. Either way, students will have the pleasurable opportunity to meet new people and engage in fun activities. For more information regarding Game Night be sure to look at upcoming events at the Corbett Center Student Union website. The next event will take place next month.

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