NMSU kicks off annual Homecoming week


ASNMSU kicks off Homecoming week Monday with events and activities for students. (Source: ASNMSU)

Monday kicks off New Mexico State University’s Homecoming week. Throughout the week, ASNMSU will be hosting activities for students to enjoy, concluding the week with a parade and football game on Saturday.  

Courtney Beck, Director for Campus Activities at ASNMSU, provided a brief rundown of the events that will occur starting Monday, Oct. 3.  

“On Monday we will have a tabling event on I-Mall right next to the Speech and Communications building,” began Beck. “We will be giving away over eight hundred t-shirts and stickers. We will also have fun games for our students to play. It’s just really a great way to get out the event schedule that we have for the week.”  

This event will last from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Beck said.  

“On Tuesday right next to Haardman and Jacobs, in a corner lot, we will be having a car smash,” Beck said. “It’s 25 cents per swing with the sledgehammer or students can donate a canned good. All proceeds are going to Aggie Cupboard and that will be from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.”  

For Wednesday, ASNMSU is undecided on what event to host.  

“We are still looking into stuff. We don’t really have anything for it,” Beck said.  

“Thursday, we’ll have our bonfire pep rally and concert for Homecoming, which starts at 9 p.m. in Lot 30. That is when the bonfire will start, and the football team is encouraging everyone to come out for it and get excited for the game,” Beck said.  

The band that will be performing at the bonfire concert is the Modern Echoes, a musical medly comprised of “alumni from NMSU,” Beck said.     

“Friday, we’ll have the door display contest and we’ll vote for the Homecoming King and Queen.” This event will begin at 5 p.m. for anyone who wishes to participate.  

Beck then went on to explain the events of Saturday, which is ASNMSU’s “really big day.”  

“We have the parade that is open to the public,” Beck said. “We encourage everybody to come. People just adore it. It starts at 10 a.m. and usually ends around 12 p.m. Attendance goes up to about ten thousand people.” 

Since this is the biggest event ASNMSU can host for Homecoming, it took a while to plan things out, Beck recalled. This year, Beck said it took her about five months to plan and obtain the necessary permits from the Las Cruces fire department. 

After the parade, the community is invited to attend the football game and cheer on the Aggies as they take on Liberty University. At halftime, ASNMSU will announce the winners of Homecoming court, and at the end of the third quarter, they will announce the winners of Homecoming altogether, Beck said.   

“So, it’s a really exciting week for us,” Beck said.  


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