Pete’s Patio nearing completion


Cassidy Kuester

Pete’s Patio nears completion.

Pete’s Patio, a project currently managed by New Mexico State University Facilities and Services and run by Sodexo and Auxiliary Services, is now in its final phase with inspections to be completed sometime in the next few weeks by the state of New Mexico and city of Las Cruces.   

Dwayne Wisniewski, Director of NMSU Dining, said that the idea behind Pete’s Patio was first pitched by the Associated Students of New Mexico State University. Together with NMSU Auxiliary Services, they aimed at creating an atmosphere where faculty and visitors can relax, and students can take the occasionally-needed break from studying. 

“Student success is not just about academics,” Wisniewski said. “We want our students to be able to enjoy themselves, too.” 

Pete’s Patio will be located on the first floor of Corbett Center Student Union, just outside of Taos restaurant.  Pete’s Patio’s current design is meant to reflect the culture and customs of the southwest. 

Julie Hughes, Director of Marketing, added that Pete’s Patio is not just a bar. The restaurant’s menu, which will feature alcoholic beverages, also draws heavily on southwest cuisine.  

Starters include wings, a soft pretzel, red chile lime chicharrones, fried brisket mac and cheeseballs, or any combo of the four. Along with salads, the restaurant will be offering entrees such as a turquoise burger featuring blue cheese, a smoked chicken sandwich, an enchilada skillet, vaquero brisket, and pueblo tacos. Students may order any of three selections for the pueblo tacos—chicken, brisket, or chickpea. Chefs will be certified to prepare vegetarian and vegan meals.  

Students may also choose from any of the following sides: dirty fries, green chile mac and cheese, beans, rice, or fire-roasted vegetables. Students also have the option of dessert, and may order a classic sopapilla, cast iron s’mores, or a red chile pistachio chocolate chip taco.  

Events will also be held for students from time-to-time, and are meant to give Pete’s Patio a university feel—that of being at home. 

“We’re planning on hosting events like karaoke nights, open-mic nights, and other games and activities,” Hughes said.  

Both Hughes and Wisniewski hope to eventually expand Pete’s Patio into Aggie Underground once initial construction is complete, and if the idea is approved. 

“Phase II would be a game and music-type place,” Hughes said. “Expanding gives us more room to work with. We would be able to host live-entertainment.” 

Wisniewski explained that because inspections are done through the city and state, approval may take longer. Staff, however, will begin training once Pete’s Patio passes initial testing and inspection.

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