Late spring break sparks student opinion


Cassidy Kuester

NMSU students express their concern over a 'late' spring break.

This semester, New Mexico State University’s spring break falls late in the semester compared to previous years.

The University of New Mexico had their spring break two-weeks prior and University of Texas -El Paso is currently finishing their break this week. NMSU is slated to go on break this upcoming week. 

Due to the extension, NMSU students are struggling with fatigue and hoping for a change. 

One student, Tyler Bautista, a senior studying history offered her thoughts on the late arrival of the break. 

“I think spring break should occur in the middle of the month, not a last minute, put together thing,” Bautista said. “Sometimes you have friends from other schools, and you want to plan trips with them, but your schedules won’t match. I don’t like how it’s put together.”  

Bautista said she would prefer a break after the two-week mark in March. 

Another history major going into his senior year, Brett Allen-Gonzales, offered his thoughts on the schedule as well. 

“I think it’s kind of pointless that it’s at the end of the month because it puts you in this mindset that you’re done with school,” Allen-Gonzales said. “Also, by the end of March, I feel like most students are dragging on. I think it should be either the second or third week, but not the last. It should be in unison with other schools in New Mexico.” 

However, there are other NMSU students who are unfazed by this year’s late scheduling. 

Cassandra Blake, a junior studying digital animation, offered her solution to break scheduling. 

“I don’t really mind as much, because I can still get things done over spring break too,” Blake said. “I would put it more in the middle of the month because there can be a nice break time, and then you can kind of come back to stuff again, so that’s what I would probably do.” 

Katie Denman, a Senior double majoring in communication studies and economics, was unaware that break came late this semester.  

“To be honest, I didn’t really notice spring break came late,” Denman said. “Last year I was studying abroad so I was off on the timeline because, for them, they had a whole month off. So, now, I’m like, ‘Okay, a week will do.’ And, as far as studying, it hasn’t really made a difference on when my midterms will be, because most of the time I had midterms right before or after I got back from Spring Break anyway, so it’s the same.”  

Students can expect a seven-day break starting Monday.  

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