Scooters will return to campus, date still unknown


Scooters will return to campus when the vendor is finalized, ASNMSU President said.

With the semester now underway, New Mexico State University students have noticed something missing from the campus this fall — scooters. 

The whizzing form of campus transportation quickly became a sensation last spring. The scooters made their debut in January during a trial partnership between the Associated Students of NMSU and the bike and scooter-sharing company, Spin. 

Evan Conner, president of ASNMSU, said scooters will be returning but left the who and when up in the air. 

“The university is still in the process of finalizing the selected vendor to provide scooter services on campus,” Conner said. “The summer was spent reviewing proposals from several different vendors where one was recently selected.”

Conner was unable to release the name of the vendor due to continuing discussions regarding expectations but reassured that the scooters will still function in accordance with state and local law. 




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