Sodexo unable to confirm rumored NMSU dining changes


Mitchell Allred

The entrance to Taos restaurant, the main campus cafeteria for NMSU students.

Rumors circulated in December on Twitter of a New Mexico State University Campus Dining map with possible changes to multiple restaurants in around campus. 

The map showed changes such as the removal of the Gila Grill at the NMSU College Canteen in the College of Health and Social Services building, the Subway at O’Donnell Hall to be removed and the Einstein Bros in the NMSU Corbett Center to be replaced by a Starbucks.  

Alex Nichols, an NMSU junior, said he thinks certain eatery replacements would be unnecessary.  

“I don’t think it’s necessary for them to replace it [Einstein’s] because I mean we already have two Starbucks here,” Nichols said.  

Another student, Joseph Velazco, a senior at NMSU said he thinks the university offers a variety of options as it is.  

“I think removing the subway would not make sense. Yes, it’s a little bit hard to find but it gives diversity of what kind of food you want to get,” Velazco said. 

The proposed map included additions in certain campus buildings such as a Jamba Juice in the Corbett Center, a Firehouse Subs in the Barnes and Nobles Bookstore, a Little Caesar’s in Gerald Thomas and Pastaggio’s to come back to Frenger Food Court.  

Director of Marketing for NMSU Integrated Services and Sodexo Candice Nanco said she is unsure how the campus map was uploaded to the internet.  

“If there is a proposal, it has not been released to the public and I cannot comment on anything that may or may not be in existence,” Nanco said.  

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