Round Up Lifestyle: Hope amidst the virus


Fear spreads as coronavirus, COVID-19, cases show up in New Mexico.

In light of the recently announced pandemic of coronavirus, I wanted to offer some words of consolation. There is a difference between living in fear and being aware. I do not believe that it is right for us to walk out in worry. We have been given another day to perform the best we can in our jobs, friendships and hobbies. Why? Because without us using our gifts, the world would be a dark place. Just look at the people who perform their jobs, but clearly hate it. If that spreads a sadness toward the people around them, imagine what it is like for those of us who are called to live out their day and not respond. One person could not receive your good word or your bold confidence if you are constrained to fear.

I have heard through the media and through other people that the best response is to stay indoors. To shut ourselves out from the chaos. What if you were called to walk into the chaos? What if your own family member or friend received the virus. Will you isolate yourselves from them as they experience the disease in their system and, consequently, go through a period of fear in solitude? No. I do not think this is the best response. I am not suggesting we are not careful. Again, there’s a difference between being aware and living in fear. And, to be honest, I believe the better part of America is doing the latter. But, I believe we are still responsible to perform well, live fully and walk confidently in the fact that our daily callings are greater than what’s happening in the world around us. Wash your hands often, use sanitizer as much as you believe is right. But, do the people around you a favor. Don’t shut yourself out because you are afraid of what might happen. Instead, ask yourself how you can be a part of the solution outside of keeping yourself clean.

What do I mean by that? Courage is contagious. While everyone is in a widespread panic, they’re going to notice you standing like a tree. Rock solid. And they’re going to stop and look at you funny, probably much like you’re doing right now as you read this.

Yes, I am as calm as I can be. Because I have a hope that’s bigger than this. I have a calling that’s bigger than the fear that comes with the expectant arrival of coronavirus. I am not going to waste my time wondering about whether I receive it or not. If I do, then I’m going to live fiercely and show as much love as I can, because to me, the way we live is more important than the obstacles that keep us from doing so. The love that comes from you can withstand any trial you face in your life, especially a disease. Now more than ever, people need your smile, word of reassurance and strength. I would say that the effects of those are far more important than the effects of an illness. Hope is the cure over every fear. And in the midst of paralyzing angst, this is the cure I believe America needs right now.

Say this does become an epidemic. Will we respond in fear and run everyone over because our life is top priority? Or will we encourage one another, show love to one another, as the whole world experiences the fear of an emerging disease. I am not a fortuneteller, but I believe a future with hopeful people is better than one filled with those who are hopeless. Let’s strive to keep in mind and pray for those who have already been diagnosed with this, encourage those who are anxious and look this disease dead in the face and say, “You are not going to take away my purpose, calling and life. I am still breathing.” Wash your hands? Yes. Be aware? Absolutely! But don’t forget to grab your neighbor’s hand after doing so and say, “I am with you through this.” Let hope and love overcome the pandemic of not only the virus, but of the fear that is currently spreading throughout the world.

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