Madrid, Flores and 64th ASNMSU Senate sworn into office


The 64th senate held their first meeting via Zoom.

The 64th Senate of the Associated Students of New Mexico State University established itself on April 30 during its first virtual meeting. Several senators, as well as the 2020-2021 vice president and president, were sworn into office by ASNMSU Chief Justice Diana Estala.

Thirteen newly-elected senators across the seven different colleges at NMSU will be joining the senate. These students include Jason Quintana, Jace White, Jarod Peterman, David Hernandez, Alex Nichols, Anayancy Campos, Justin Dolan-Forbes, Hugo Gutierrez, Andrew Pantoja, Amy Lucero, Gopal Tamang, Shravya Dharba and Stephanie Frisch.

The College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Graduate School each have one open senate seat in their colleges. It will be up to the student councils of both colleges to appoint their respective senators in the fall, according to outgoing ASNMSU President Evan Conner.

Tiffany Flores, a former ASNMSU senator, will lead the 64th Senate as the ASNMSU vice president while former Director of Governmental Affairs Mathew Madrid will fulfill the duties of ASNMSU president and oversee the ASNMSU Executive branch.

During the remainder of the meeting, the senate also appointed several leadership positions within its branch.

Senator Laura Laemlee was appointed as the incoming president pro-tempore and Senator Andrew Pantoja was appointed as incoming sergeant-at-arms, replacing outgoing President Pro-Tempore Jonathan Ortiz and Sergeant-at-Arms Gabriel Ronquillo.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 64th Senate will continue to host its meetings virtually until large gatherings are permissible once again in the State of New Mexico, allowing the senate to meet on campus.

Vice President Flores said it is likely that the 64th Senate will meet again sometime this month through an emergency meeting. That meeting will likely serve to introduce a resolution that outlines contingency plans that allow ASNMSU to operate in the fall in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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