NMSU Arts and Sciences Dean condemns ICE ruling regarding international students



Breland Hall houses the International Borders Programs department as well as the College of Arts and Sciences.

New Mexico State University’s College of Arts and Sciences Dean, Enrico Pontelli, condemned new guidelines released by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement in a statement Monday.

The rule announced July 6 may jeopardize the education of international students — requiring them to leave the country in the case that a university adopts an online learning model due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Requiring International Students, who are legally in the U.S., to transfer or leave the country, during the current dramatic times, is disconcerning and cruel,” Pontelli said. “These actions are undermining the very foundation of our university system and represent a threat to national security and economic growth. International students are part of those fundamental values that have made the U.S. academic system the envy of the world.”

According to the Office of International Student and Scholar Services webpage, NMSU currently enrolls more than 1200 international students ranging from over 80 countries. The site said the majority of international students hail from India, Mexico, Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and China.

Pontelli expressed concerns over the new ruling, but assured students that other options are being discussed.

“The College is committed to advocate against these new regulations and use available tools to safeguard our students and protect the contributions that our international community provides to the academic vitality of our institution,” the statement read.

Currently, NMSU is offering four options for class models, including fully online, face-to-face, hybrids and online with scheduled lectures. Yesterday, advisers notified students that learning models were now available for student viewing under their “detailed class schedule” for classes that students had registered for.

Around the country, over 200 universities are supporting 17 lawsuits against the Trump administration over the ruling.

“For all the members of our international campus community: the College of Arts & Sciences values your presence and contributions to NMSU and will continue to welcome you and support you in the pursuit of your dreams at NMSU,” Pontelli closed.



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