Breaking: NMSU implements changes to payment plan


Mitchell Allred

The educational services building houses the financial aid office and university accounts receivable at NMSU.

New Mexico State University administration is implementing a change to the down payment in the new payment plan that has been controversial among students. The change waives the down payment requirement for this semester, though is encouraged.

Samantha Lish sent the notification via email Monday morning.

“Effective Monday, August 31, 2020, NMSU will waive the down payment requirement for fall 2020, however, students with a fall semester balance of $200 or greater will still be required to enroll in the payment plan and pay the $25 application fee at the time of enrollment,” Lish said. “Even though the down payment is not required, students are highly encouraged to make a down payment at the time of enrollment to get their monthly payments back on track.”

Lish noted that students who enrolled in the payment plan prior to Aug. 31 2020 and made their 20% down payment will continue with their plan and maintain their upcoming four installments.

“In an effort to recognize their diligence in meeting the original payment plan requirements, University Accounts Receivable will credit the $25 application fee to student accounts, reducing their balance, and the $10 late fee will not be assessed on any late, missed or partial payments during the fall semester,” Lish’s email read.

The change came after many students took to social media to express their frustrations regarding the new plan.

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