Editorial: What’s the deal with Faculty Talk?

Most students have probably never heard of faculty-talk, but I will break it down as I know it to be: Faculty Talk is an email-forum intended for our educators at New Mexico State University to further the academic mission of the institution and gather input from colleagues.

So tell me why I constantly recieve forwarded threads of petty arguments construed to the point of name-calling, aggression and downright childish bickering? Really? It’s a shame to see the extent of division within these chats, and it’s more disappointing to see that each time I am forwarded a message, it’s a tattle-tale, call-to-action from the sender to frame so-and-so’s comment in the student newspaper.

I am all for the diversity of opinions and I think it is important to have discourse with those we work with. However, NMSU faculty, particularly those who participate in faculty-talk, need to be better, to do better. This morning I read through a thread of 30+ emails. I read the timestamps and the argument at hand (from what I received) spanned over three hours– three hours?

I say three hours twice to emphasize first, the effort set forth to prove the authority and superiority of some of the responses I see, and second, compare it to many students’ complaints about how invaluable learning has become due to unintentional professors. (Perhaps this is a result of spending more time arguing through email than planning worthwhile lessons?)

This particular bout of dispute peaked with accusations of antisemitism, notions of potential lawsuits and an adaptation of the Gospel detailing the Beatitudes.

It’s my understanding that this email group lacks a mediator, which as I personally believe is unnecessary. But, it seems with the childish mounting of emotion that is consistently presented to me by faculty members, maybe a babysitter could in fact be called upon.

Now, while I appreciate the many story topics that have been brought to my attention through faculty talk, I think it is a poor managerial move -looking at you President John Floros and Chancellor Arvizu- to continue to turn a blind eye to the increasingly intolerable environment that is brooding within this university among your staff.


an editor who has a hard time keeping up with all the he-said, she said.

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