Navigating finals for freshmen


Zack Jimenez

The Corbett Center filled with students.

Freshmen at New Mexico State University are preparing to wrap up their first ever college semester and are on the verge of their first experience with college finals. The transition from high school to college is unlike any other. The Round Up met with several freshmen to see how they are feeling about the new upcoming experience and what they have done in preparation for it.

Being fresh out of high school, college freshmen will have to experience many new firsts, especially during this fall semester.

When asked about her first college semester, journalism major Olivia Bensen, explained it contrasts from high school scheduling and expectations. “The classes are all at different times and it is more on you [students] to be prepared rather your teachers.”

With finals week coming up and it being new to this semester’s freshmen, many of them have mixed ideas and feelings about the end of the semester.

For nutrition education major Katherine Harston, finals week is about “taking what you have applied and learned during the semester and seeing how you truly understand it.”

“I feel pretty confident about it [finals week] because I have only about two actual tests. The others are papers and presentations.” Bensen explained when describing the mix that she is preparing for. “I am making sure I am practice my presentations, study by looking over my notes, and review everything I’ve learned.”

Randy DeGroat, a first-year student majoring in chemical engineering, also thinks finals week is all about being prepared. Studying late and studying a lot he says are key components in preparing for his new experience.

The upcoming finals week has stirred up a mix of feelings from DeGroat. He claims that because college finals are a new thing, “it is my first time ever experiencing this kind of anticipation for a grade – Mix that with the difficulty of my major and the anxiety is killing me.”

On a lighter note, DeGroat claims he simultaneously feels confident. “My professors are caring and determined to see me pass so I feel even more confident” DeGroat explained.

As newbies on campus, freshmen have had to find throughout the semester to prepare themselves for the upcoming finals. They have discovered what methods work for them and what campus resources are available.

DeGroat, Bensen, and Harston all stated that they are aware of campus tutoring located in the Corbett Center, the math success center, and the writing center. Bensen and Harston, both being student athletes on the swimming and diving team, have required study hours they must fulfill and these hours they claim serve as a source of dedication to their studies.

“I really do not hesitate to go to places like the writing center because it is their [tutors’] job to help me.” Harston also adds.

Another method of preparing for college finals DeGroat mentions is participating in a math study group this fall. “I usually reach out to peers or classmates to often help and teach me something I do not understand” DeGroat also explains as an additional method in general.

These tips may be small suggestions in the scope of a semester’s worth of work, but it can make a substantial difference in the end for all students – including these freshmen.

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