New Year’s resolutions offer chance to improve self


Zack Jimenez

Students studying on the first floor of Corbett.

2018 has made its way into the present and this new year brings plenty of opportunity for students at New Mexico State University as they settle into the spring semester. The beginning of any new year brings conversation of resolutions and how they can be accomplished. For students, the smallest of actions in turn can pave the way to accomplish goals they set for 2018.  

 As spring semester begins, so does a new year where often people decide it is time to bring in some resolutions. College students are no exception to this tradition, especially since there is always room to improve in school.

“New Years as a student means a fresh start, a chance to change things, and improve,” says animal science major Kaitlyn Fox.

Freshman Kristie Gallacher sees the new year as a good occasion for students to form new habits. These new habits can support students in achieving their goals that are set for the year.

When asked about any New Year’s resolutions, Gallacher declared she wishes to achieve a 4.0 grade point average. As for Fox, she decided her resolution is to create a more productive year.

Another example of New Year’s resolutions for students comes from agricultural and extension education major, Jake Devine. He explains, “My resolution is to work harder on each individual assignment and to not procrastinate.”

“It has always been such a struggle to balance everything but it [school] is all about priorities and as a college student class is number one from now on!” claims Devine.

Setting New Year’s resolutions means nothing without any plans to ensure that they follow through. Starting with the smallest of actions or sticking to good habits throughout the days are methods that students can use to make their resolutions a success.

Gallacher said she is going to improve her time management this year as a step in reaching her goal.

She also adds, “I want to make time to meet with professors in the future because that is something I did not do so much last semester.”

Fox has plans of how to make the year a productive one.

“I plan to stick to my resolution by getting my homework done as soon as it is assigned and doing anything to help myself get motivated like working out or getting up early to get my day going so I feel better in class.” describes Fox.

Getting an adequate amount of sleep and eating right are further parts in Fox’s game plan for the year and are steps that could go a long way in any college student’s life.

Devine says that the way to go about sticking to his resolutions is by taking more responsibility than before for his school work and actions.

Even though any time throughout the year is a wonderful time to implement change, there is nothing like the New Year’s. Creating resolutions and picturing how they will be completed before classes start for students can be a huge game changer for their new year.

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