NMSU Parking and ID Services has new location 


Cassidy Kuester

NMSU's Parking Department sold more permits in 2017-18 than parking spots available on campus.

The New Mexico State University Parking and ID Services have merged and relocated to the second floor of the University Barnes and Noble. The services take the place of the Apple technology center, which has moved downstairs in the store. 

Before this semester, the two services were separate and in different locations. The parking office was around the corner of the Barnes and Noble building while the ID office was in the Corbett Center Student Union across from Taos Restaurant.  

The merging and moving of these services took place this summer.

Steven Bettner, Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services, said the idea was to make Barnes and Noble the only stop necessary for students’ back to school needs.  

“We wanted to improve that customer experience,” Bettner said. “Make it a one-stop shop so, you know, as you’re starting the year you come to one place to really get all these things that you have to get done.” 

He explained the goal was also to make the customer experience more enjoyable. In the past, the line of students waiting for parking permits was incredibly long and in hot weather.  

Kim Huddleston, Director of Auxiliary Business Support, said the changes have gone a long way to improve service, though the lines are still long. If more students ordered their permits online and received them by mail, numbers would decrease. 

Huddleston added that parking permit costs have increased $7.50 from last year. Annual permits cost $67 for commuter students and campus residents and $42.50 for motorcycles. Faculty and staff permits cost $120.50. Permits from the previous year expire on August 31 but new permits are already available for purchase.  

Revenue from selling these permits goes toward improving campus lots, she said. 

“We spend around $500,000 to $600,000 a year to keep the parking lots in good condition,” Huddleston said. Each year seven to eight lots are rebuilt or cracks are filled and sealed. The lots are rotated so they all receive maintenance. 

The AggieTech center will also benefit from the new location. Barnes and Noble broadened the services they offer at the center, and Apple certified technicians are available to help with any Apple needs customers may have.  

“We wanted to provide a more airy experience for the customers when they’re in here looking at technology products,” Collin King, Assistant Store Manager of Barnes and Noble, said. “We wanted to really highlight our new repair program as well.” The program began almost two years ago and employs students as technicians.  

The empty areas where the offices were previously housed will soon be filled with new services. The old parking office will be occupied by a Firehouse Subs restaurant. Bettner said Auxiliary Services is still looking for something to fill the ID office in Corbett Center. Some ideas are to move Conference Services from the third floor to the first. Others include a smoothie business, a hair and nail salon or a massage station. 

Barnes and Noble is open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.  

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