NMSU student captures video of cockroach near food at Taos Restaurant


Zack Jimenez

There was a roach spotted in Taos Restaurant Monday morning.

On a Monday morning at Taos Restaurant, a New Mexico State University student was in line to order an omelet when she looked over and noted a cockroach crawling on a wall near a food station. 

NMSU sophomore, Rhianne Charley, decided to record the bug crawling on a wall in Taos and posted her video on her personal Twitter account.



“I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing the same thing. There were two other girls next to me, but they were busy ordering and left shortly after. One employee was making the burritos and the other employee was doing dishes,” Charley said.

Charley said she has seen cockroaches on the floor of Taos before.

The Round Up reached out to Director of NMSU Dining Dwayne Wisniewski for comment on the cleanliness and safety of food at Taos Restaurant. He, however, declined an interview today.

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