ASNMSU President Emerson Morrow officially resigns; avoids impeachment hearing


Cassidy Kuester

ASNMSU President Morrow's resignation is in effect as of noon.

The Associated Students of NMSU President Emerson Morrow announced his resignation Friday morning before a Supreme Court hearing for his impeachment was set to take place Friday afternoon.

Morrow sent a letter of resignation to the ASNMSU Supreme Court Justices Friday morning to go into effect at 12 p.m. of the same day. In the letter, he said he is proud of the accomplishments ASNMSU has made in the past year in furthering their goal of “[enhancing] the college experience for every Aggie.”

A resolution for impeachment of President Emerson Morrow was passed by the ASNMSU Senate on March 21 and sent to the Supreme Court for a hearing. The original hearing was scheduled for April 5, at which a continuance was granted to move it to April 12.

Justice Diana Estala said the resignation letter nullifies the impeachment hearing. Vice President Linda Cisneros will take over as President of ASNMSU for the remaining weeks of the semester and President Pro-Tempore Ehtesham Shareef will take over as Vice-President. President-elect Evan Conner and Vice President-elect Melina Burnside will be sworn into office April 25 at the last senate meeting, making the transition to the next ASNMSU administration official.

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