Conner and Burnside officially sworn into office as ASNMSU president and vice president


Leah Romero

ASNMSU holds first meeting of the semester.

Associated Students of New Mexico State University President Linda Cisneros gave the State of the Association Address at the final meeting of the 62nd ASNMSU Senate Thursday evening. Evan Conner, Melina Burnside and senators-elect were also sworn into office once the meeting adjourned.

Cisneros addressed the senate and spoke of the accomplishments of each department of ASNMSU over the past year. She said there had been highs and lows, but overall, the state of the association is strong. She especially highlighted the public relations department as the “backbone” of the association and said the governmental affairs department did important work in Santa Fe. They ensured the university received funding during the state legislative session at the beginning of the year.

“ASNMSU’s always held itself to the highest of standards,” Cisneros said. “That’s the ASNMSU I know and love – determined, hardworking, caring, undaunted by challenge, optimistic that things will always work out the way that they’re supposed to. So everyone, what is the state of the association? Because of us, all of us, I can stand here confidently and say that the state of this association is strong and will continue to be strong.”

Almost 10 hours later, Conner, Burnside and 15 senators were sworn into office for the 2019-2020 academic year by ASNMSU Chief Justice Avery Sanford at the end of the senate meeting. Conner was the first to take his oath of office.

Conner and Burnside each promised to “faithfully execute” their respective offices within the association and to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitutions and laws of the United States; the State of New Mexico; and the Associated Students of New Mexico State University.” All those being sworn in promised to carry out their duties “impartially” and “to the best of [their] ability.”

During the meeting, the ASNMSU Senate passed a number of appropriation bills to student organizations including the Psi Chi honor society and the Computer Science Graduate Student Organization. Amendments to the ASNMSU Law Book were passed to update election proceedings, have the law Book reflect the General Appropriations Act of 2019-2020 and amend aspects of various other chapters.

A resolution was passed to recognize Mental Health Awareness Month during the month of May. Senator Marcus Sanchez, from the College of Arts and Sciences, said the passing of the resolution was a step toward de-stigmatizing mental health on campus and bringing more awareness to the resources available to students, including New Mexico Crisis and Access Line. Sanchez said going forward, he thought events such as candle light vigils and discussions could be held to raise more awareness.

“It’s a weird timeline, so this is kind of the first step,” Sanchez said. “But I definitely want to see what more we can do.”

Thirty-eight memorial bills were passed to recognize all of the current executive department directors, assistant directors, outgoing senate members and three full-time employees of the association. Before they adjourned, outgoing senate members, including Cisneros, took turns to speak about what ASNMSU meant to them and to give advice to the incoming senators and leadership of the association.

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