Explicit video at Pete’s Patio explodes on Twitter


T.V. monitors at Pete’s Patio displayed explicit content Tuesday evening.

Students who went to Pete’s Patio got more than a drink and a Tarot reading Tuesday night. 

Yolaus Quipse-Olaya was reading emails, according to his twitter post, at the on-campus bar when he captured an explicit video being shown on the Pete’s Patio television monitors on his phone. The video, which he posted to Twitter around 7 p.m. yesterday evening, received more than 12,000 views overnight.

“I was just hanging out at Pete’s like any other day and was going through my email. I heard some people giggling and I looked up and there was porn in the big screen,” Quipse-Olaya said. “I thought it was funny.” 

Justin Bannister, associate vice president of Marketing and Communications at New Mexico State University commented on the situation on behalf of administration. 

“This situation was absolutely unacceptable. We’re investigating what happened last evening and will take appropriate action once we have additional information,” Bannister said in an email.  

NMSU Dining services did not respond to comment. 

“The employees turn it off as soon as they noticed, but I don’t think anyone took it too seriously to be mad or uncomfortable by it,” Quipse-Olaya said.  

Olaya’s twitter handle is @Lousee09

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