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Inside the Chambers: Board of Regents

Inside the Chambers: Board of Regents

Will VanOrder

October 24, 2016

Do you know who voted against the tuition increase last semester? Or who handles the budget of the University? While there are many partial-credit answers, the NMSU Board of Regents is involved in almost every decision of significance on campus. On Wednesday, October 19 the Board of Regents met for...

Inside The Chambers

Will VanOrder

October 3, 2016

The 60th Senate of the Associated Students of New Mexico State University (ASNMSU) met yet again on Thursday, Sep. 22. Within the senate chambers on the third floor of Corbett Center Student Union (Corbett), many new and old bills alike were discussed, providing a great opportunity for student organizati...

Inside The Chambers: ASNMSU Senate

Inside The Chambers: ASNMSU Senate

Will VanOrder

September 19, 2016

This week’s edition of TRU Legal’s Inside the Chambers highlights the recent September, 8th meeting of ASNMSU’s Senate. The Round Up sat down with Vice President of the Associated Students of New Mexico State University Kevin Prieto. As Vice President, Prieto is responsible for overseeing the Senate meetings and e...

Proposed Sodexo Restaurant-Bar for Corbett Center

Albert Luna, Editor-in-Chief

September 6, 2016

At the second meeting for the 40th ASNMSU Senate, Sodexo, NMSU’s primary food service provider, presented a layout for the coming year. Dwayne Wisniewski, General Manager of Sodexo, along with John Rivers, the company’s Marketing Coordinator, illustrated all of the restaurants that fall under...

The Round Up investigates: Fake job on Aggie Career Manager

The Round Up investigates: Fake job on Aggie Career Manager

Billy Huntsman, Editor in Chief

April 27, 2016

The Round Up/Oncore Magazine recently uncovered a fake job posting on NMSU’s Aggie Career Manager attempting to scam students. The position was ‘store keeper assistant’ with Conestoga Cold Storage, “a temperature controlled warehousing and transportation company based in Canada and United State, and is considered one of the pioneers...

Local essay contest asks, What is the greatest good you can do?

Billy Huntsman, Managing Editor

April 26, 2016

  Members of Doña Ana County, ages 18 to 30, are invited to write and submit 300-word essays in order to be considered for cash prizes. The Windsor-Hermsmeier Gifting Fund is offering prizes of $500, $250, and $125 for the best essays concerning the prompt: what is the great good I can do...

Proposed program cuts stir controversy at NMSU

Billy Huntsman, Managing Editor

April 8, 2016

New Mexico State University has to eliminate more than $10 million from its budget in order to meet a deficit caused by decreased funding from the state legislature and a decrease in student enrollment, and not lessened by the Board of Regents voting against a tuition increase proposal for the 2016-2017 school...

State Treasurer warns against fraud phone calls

Billy Huntsman, Managing Editor

April 7, 2016

New Mexico’s Office of the State Treasurer has sent warning to state universities, state police, and the state attorney’s office that about 18 New Mexico students have received fraudulent phone calls. The students, who are from NMSU, UNM, CNM, and ENMU, have received these fraudulent phone calls...

NMSU dance team receives Congressional Award

Billy Huntsman, Managing Editor

November 10, 2015

NMSU’s DanceSport Company, the competitive team of the Kinesiology and Dance (KIND) Department, received a Congressional Recognition Award from the Office of Congressman Steve Pearce on November 8 “for our positive representation of Las Cruces and NMSU.” The program received the award during...

ASNMSU Senate Elections: The candidates

Billy Huntsman, Managing Editor

October 13, 2015

  Student Senate elections started at 8 a.m. on October 12 and will continue until 5 p.m. on Friday, October 16. In the interest of informing the public, The Round Up/Oncore Magazine has compiled information about the senatorial candidates from the website of the Associated Students of New M...

NMSU Gets More Free Speech Protection

Billy Huntsman

September 4, 2015

By Billy Huntsman Managing Editor New Mexico State University’s Freedom of Expression policy recently underwent revisions after the formation of a Free Speech Task Force. The committee proposed changes to the policy after meeting throughout the 2014-2015 school year. The changes were a...

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