Must watch October movies for different horror sub-genres


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Horror movies are known for leaving their viewers frightened but what makes the movie scary is based on what genre of horror it is. Below I have listed five different horror genres and a movie for each, so you can discover what movie you want to watch this Halloween.


Psychological horror is a subgenre that focuses on the mental and emotional state of characters. Unlike other horror movies, psychological horror tends to be unsettling and disturbing because of its strong images and emotions around the main character. One movie that will leave you conflicted and in awe is “Midsommar.”  

This movie plays a lot of psychological emotions and images, as we follow the main character, Dani, and her group to a friend’s hometown for a Swedish mid-summer festival. Without giving too much away, the film emphasizes Dani’s emotions around her family and relationship. The movie can create something beautiful and frightening through many hidden images and meanings in the movie that create a sense of vulnerability in the viewer.  


A horror film genre that includes a sometimesmasked killer that stalks and kills multiple people usually with a quiet weapon. Slasher films are popular horror films because of their iconic bad-guy characters like Michael Myers from “Halloween” or Ghostface from “Scream.”  

One must-watch slasher movie you should watch this October is, “American Psycho.” This female-directed film is popular due to its controversy. This film follows a young man by the name of Patrick Bateman, in discovering his second life. During the day Bateman works as an investment banker and by night, he’s a serial killer. It’s controversial because of its strong images of violence, pornography, misogyny and arguments about censorship. The interesting thing about this movie is that you are unsure which people Bateman is killing or whats just in his mind.  

Found Footage 

A horror technique that places the viewer in the character’s shoes. Most found footage films are shot from a first-person perspective which can make the viewer feel present. In most found footage films we see a repeating theme of isolation and realism, which most of us fear. One film with this theme is “Rec,” which follows a reporter and cameraman into an apartment where they are documenting a disease outbreak that are turning humans into zombie like monsters. To their surprise they become trapped in the apartment, but they are not alone.  


This genre of horror includes supernatural elements like demonic possessions, ghosts and even religious symbols. “Hereditary” is a supernatural movie that unravels a family’s terrifying secrets about their ancestry which leads to tragic events. This movie is not for the faint of heart and can be deeply disturbing and complicated. The main character of this movie, Peter, discovers how his family has relations with a cult and is trying to use his body as a host for the demon Paimon. “Hereditary” uses supernatural influences to illustrate the effects of mental illness in a family.    


If horror movies aren’t for you and you need something a little more lighthearted, horror comedy movies will give you that thrill for October but not leave you having nightmares. “Jennifer’s Body” is a dark comedy horror film, where a possessed cheerleader preys on her male classmates. The main character in this movie, Jennifer, gets possessed when a boy band sacrifices her for fame. Jennifer, is known for her looks and popularity and once possessed needs to feed on human flesh in order to keep her complexion. Her best friend, Needy, tries to put an end to Jennifer’s even though they are best friends. “Jennifer’s Body” seems to have repeating themes like sexuality, female empowerment and the male gaze.


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