KRUX Fest showcases unique sounds at annual music festival


Cassidy Kuester

KRUX Fest has been an annual event for about 20 years.

New Mexico State University’s independent radio station, KRUX 91.5 FM hosted their annual music festival KRUX Fest this weekend.

With doors open at 7 p.m., the first night featured local singers and songwriters Sebastian Estrade, Liz Liano, Nicholas Roche and Simeon Beardsley.

Liz Liano, whose stage name is “Lizard King,” said this was her first appearance at KRUX Fest. Her set included music as well as spoken-word poetry.

Liano described Lizard King’s style and aesthetic as “if you turn the radio all the way down while listening to Janis Joplin.”

“The music scene [in Las Cruces] is really great,” Liano said. “All the artists are really supportive of each other, and there’s nothing that ever feels like failure.”

KRUX Fest has been a tradition for about 20 years, according to KRUX General manager Josiah Armstrong.

Some audience members, like Diana Pogue, claim to have attended the event for the past decade or longer.

Pogue said she has been a frequent at KRUX Fest since 1996 even witnessing large concerts being held on the outdoor stage in front of Garcia Residence Hall and in the Corbett Center Student Union.

Ian Miranda, another attendee, said his parents took him to KRUX Fest as a child, where they had a stage set up near the football field on NMSU’s campus.

Pogue and Miranda said KRUX Fest has gotten smaller with time, but that the range of music has become broader and increasingly creative.

“New Mexico is cool because they accept the new stuff, but they keep tradition,” Pogue said.

Night two of KRUX Fest was held April 5 after the NMSU vs. GCU baseball game at Presley Askew Baseball Field and featured artists Naekwon, Cody The Philosopher, JDEXO, Lavender Thug and Jay Allerdyce.

KRUX Fest wrapped up on April 6 in Wells Hall on NMSU’s campus. The final night featured Las Cruces and El Paso bands Stoney Bluefish, Drown The Desert, April Habits, Counter Play and If We Were Turtles.

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